The Sad Truth: Obama Was Subservient to the Hate Filled Zionists Who Call Him Racial Slurs…SAD!!!

The Obama Legacy: Genocide, Destruction, Chaos, Color Revolutions And Subservience To World Zionism

by Jonathan Azaziah

As of this moment, from the gentrified hipster hellholes in Brooklyn to the pedophile-infested devil-den of Hollywood to Satan-occupied Washington DC, liberals nationwide are wailing, howling, shrieking and blubbering over Barack Obama getting out of the White House. Their tears are gushing like rushing rivers breaking through weak dams in pusillanimous sadness, their little Judaized hearts are breaking into pieces of Gefilte fish because an end has come to the presidency of this man they repetitiously and affectionately refer to as “American’s First ‘Black’ President” who brought “hope and change” not only to the USA but the world at large. But who exactly are they weeping for? Who is this harbinger of butterflies, rainbows, unicorns and cookie-delivering fairies that made God’s Green Earth such a better place? Who?! This man is a fantasy. A morbid, monstrous delusion that exists nowhere but the warped minds of snowflakes, teacups and muffintops everywhere.

The real Obama is a deviant degenerate who frequented the back-alley bathhouses of Chicago’s South Side; a Manchurian candidate like no other, groomed for power by the likes of the Crowns, the Pritzkers, Rabbi Arnold Wolf and adoringly referred to as the “first Jewish president” of the US by Chicago Jewish News; the son of an archaic, globe-holding British bloodline through his malevolent mother, an Anglo CIA operative who made her career in the “regime change” cog known as the Ford Foundation; the bloodthirsty, astute student of Operation Cyclone father Zbigniew Brzezinski; the servant of International Jewish Finance who bailed out the big banks; the vassal of Monsanto; the paid puppy from purgatory of Big Pharma; the enemy of the poor. The only “messiah” Obama is comparable to is the false one spoken of in Islamic and Christian eschatology. Indeed, at every turn, with every move and from every angle, Obama furthered the agenda of Dajjal.

Mr. “Hope and Change” kicked off his Tuesday mornings by looking over his Kill List and deciding who he was going to slaughter with flying death machines. And speaking of drones, not to mention JSOC death squad special ops, Mr. “Audacity of Hope” upped the ante in both Pakistan and Somalia. Thanks to his Zionist Jew “expert” Bruce Reidel, Mr. Nobel “Peace” Prize went haywire in occupied Afghanistan, butchering tens of thousands with his night raids, air raids, drone raids and other forms of mayhem, all for the sake of protecting the Empire’s interests in natural gas, heroin, lithium and other minerals. Mr. “Presidential Swag” sold foreign regimes $278 billion worth of weaponry, $115 billion of which went to the backwards, hateful, repressive, misogynistic, murderous, demonic, tyrannical regime of Saudi Arabia. The winged robots of bloodshed really were the pride-and-joys of Mr. “Community Organizer”, as he launched more than 10 times the amount of drone strikes the Bush regime did. “First Jewish President” indeed, as the predator drone, Obama’s baby, is the invention of Jewish-Zionist terrorist Abraham Karem.

It’s in the new wars and the color revolution coups though where President Kill List really shines. Mr. “I Know Beyonce and Jay-Z So You Should Love Me Hard Goyim” kicked off his presidency in ’09 by launching the Green Revolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran and toppling the government of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. In ’10, Mr. “Katy Perry’s One Of My Favorite People” granted cover to the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s bloody assault on the Freedom Flotilla in which an American citizen, Furkan Dogan, among 8 other unarmed activists, was murdered. Obama also kicked off the “Arab Spring” by manipulating popular dissent and taking down Ben Ali in Tunisia. The removal of Mubarak in Egypt followed and then NATO’s annihilation of Libya along with the assassination of Muammar Qadhafi. A campaign of fourth generation warfare utilizing Takfiri terrorists from over 100 countries around the globe was launched against the Syrian Arab Republic–an iniquitous and insidious aggression that has left hundreds of thousands of Syrians dead. A genuine rebellion was demolished in Bahrain. US-backed air strikes slammed the Ivory Coast. Fernando Lugo was overthrown in Paraguay. A genocidal war on Gaza was unleashed with the outgoing US president’s support in November ’12. He joined the Zionist scheme to crack Sudan in half. A second coup unfolded in Egypt, toppling Mursi and the “Muslim” Brotherhood and replacing them with Zionist collaborationist Sisi. In Mali, a criminal intervention was orchestrated to loot the ancient North African nation of its gold and keep it destabilized with terrorism.

More carnage popped off in ’14 with the US-led creation of ISIS in Iraq, a coup in Ukraine aimed at undermining Russia followed by a subsequent genocide against Russian civilians in the Donbass and another slaughterous ‘Israeli’ assault on Gaza that left over 2,200 innocents martyred, including 500+ Palestinian children. And perhaps in his worst, most nightmarish and most sickening atrocity of all, Mr. “Huffington Post Says My Swag Is Untouchable” greenlit Saudi Arabia’s massacre in Yemen and provided the Kingdom of Darkness with all-out cover. Over 12,000 Yemeni men, women and children have been killed thus far. Millions of Yemenis are starving thanks to the siege being upheld by the Saudi regime with British, ‘Israeli’ and yes, Obama’s approval.

Obama also declared economic war on Lebanon with a sanctions regime targeting Lebanese banks as a means of turning the population against Hizbullah, ousted Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, meddled in the elections of Haiti, Argentina and Chile, backed Buddhist extremist death squads in the Rakhine State of Myanmar, gave the nod to the horror inflicted on Sheikh Zakzaky and Nigeria’s Shi’a and tried but failed to implement “regime change” in Turkey, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. Again, I say “First Jewish President” indeed because the “Arab Spring” blueprint was laid out by Jewish neocon Joshua Muravchik in his disturbing volume “The Next Founders” and the phrase “Arab Spring” itself was coined by Jewish neocon “Charles Krauthammer”. And again, a legacy of “hope and change” is cruel, CRUEL comedy  when it is understood that the record reflects Obama bringing war, death, famine, chaos, mass murder, scorched earth and bloodshed wherever he stuck his Zionized hands. Some criminals have rap sheets a mile long… Obama’s rap sheet is a planet long, with offenses committed in every hemisphere.

And for the grand slam, the biggest supporters of Mr. “I Knew Edward Said Back In The Day”, i.e. Latinos and Black Folk, got shafted royally in too many ways to enumerate but still inexplicably think of him with fondness. Latinos voted for Obama over McCain in the 2008 election by a margin of more than two-to-one but Obama deported some 2.5 million “illegal” immigrants from mostly Latin American nations, making him the Deporter-In-Chief who threw out more people from the US than any other president in history put together. Black Folk voted for Obama in near totality and yet Mr. “I Invited Kendrick Lamar To The White House” didn’t do a damn thing for African-Americans but expand the police-surveillance state, fatten up the Prison Industrial Complex (aka the New Jim Crow), protect killer cops and put an actual multi-million-dollar bounty on the head of legendary Black heroine Assata Shakur. Obama didn’t close Gitmo. He didn’t free Mumia and Peltier. He cracked down on the indigenous people of Standing Rock. He gave ‘Israel’ the biggest military aid package ever at $38 billion over 10 years. He declared war on raw milk and other miraculous organic foods. Obama was not FOR the people in any way, shape or form. He was (and still is) against us in every capacity, soup to nuts.

With the Obama legacy now carved into burnt flesh, etched into destroyed ancient architecture and woven into the tapestry of the history of the world’s oppressed people forever, the questions do not, contrary to popular opinion, revolve around what Donald Trump may or may not do. What should really be asked is where in the name of all that is good and holy in this life have all the aforementioned snowflakes, teacups and muffintops been the last 8 years as Barack Obama turned the planet into his very own personal stomping ground? The real lesson to be learned here from all these liberal hypocrite maggots is that coups, drone strikes, kill lists, prosecuting whistleblowers, love for Saudi Arabia, unwavering support for the cancerous tumor ‘Israel’ and various other “lovelies” are all perfectly fine and even laudable so long as you know rappers, singers, actors and do your dirt with “swag”.

The irony of it all? Despite his Anglo upbringing and overall rejection of his African/Muslim roots, the very Zionist Jews who have controlled him hideously refer to him as “nigger”, “schvartze” and “kushi” to this day, testaments to how deeply ingrained Anti-Blackness is within Jewish culture and how far Obama has sunk as a person, serving a supremacist entity and a global power matrix which hate him entirely for the color of his skin and background but have used him and his manufactured story anyway to play the masses like drums in a garage band. Such a spineless, utterly yellowbelly coward this man is. Trust, a special place in the hellfire awaits this mass murdering war criminal who is so addicted to conflict that he had to order just one more war, the new crisis in The Gambia, before he departed his post. Man oh man, what a psychopathic barbarian. This wolf in sheep’s clothing. This death-dealer in savior’s garb. And there’s more than a few seats waiting for all his moronic cheerleaders too. Let’s see how much they give a damn about “swag” when they’re roasting in The Crusher for eternity. Good riddance, Baruch (which is what he should be called because he served Organized Jewish Interests so loyally). May ALLAH (SWT) never forgive you for the immeasurable agony you’ve wrought on humanity.

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