The Real Story Behind the US Senate Intelligence Probe into the Fake Russian Hacking

US Senate intel panel plans probe into Russia spying

by MG editor


Lawmakers say reports of Moscow’s interference in 2016 election and American politics ‘raise profound concerns’

ed note–It should not need explaining at this point, but for those who choose to remain the woefully and willfully blind on this matter, we’ll give it another go.

What the world is witnessing right now vis a vis the intelligence services and political apparati (US Congress) of the United States working in collusion with the Jewish owned/Jewish controlled mainstream media in a concerted effort to break the legs of Donald Trump before he has even taken office is absolutely, in a word, unprecedented. When someone is a ‘member of the club’ and has already signaled via word and action that he/she will do whatever is required of him/her by those behind-the-scenes players with their thousands-of-years-old agenda, they DON’T get run through the wringer in this fashion. Even back in 2000, where there was a brief post-election turf war taking place in the US between Likud and Labor, represented by the tussle over a Bush or Gore presidency, it died down in due time, and then once 9/11 took place, even the left wing of Judea, Inc rallied behind Bush and his ‘war on terror’ agenda.

Now, we see the Judaic vulture flapping both wings in a concerted effort to prevent DJT from becoming POTUS, or at least, setting the stage for an extended, ear-splitting wall of incessant screeching in the media for years to come, to say nothing of the crippling gridlock that is planned for him as well as all the obligatory ‘investigations’ or even outright impeachment proceedings that are likely to occur.

And yet, despite all this, within certain ‘neighborhoods’ in a ‘movement’ that bills itself as smarter, more enlightened, and better equipped to study/analyze the political weather as it pertains the pernicious influence of the aforementioned Judea, Inc, there continues the incessant, 2 dimensional chirping of self-anointed ‘experts’ who don’t have the minimal cerebral horsepower necessary to recognize that there is something more at work here than just the same-old, same-old, and who–despite what is a Tsunami of contrary evidence to their own cast-in-stone positions that Trump is a ZY-nist who is ‘owned by D-JOOZ–will maintain that everything taking place with regards to the slow-motion assassination of someone who has obviously fallen out of favor with the synagogue is all ‘for show’ and ‘a hoax’.

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