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Israeli embassy employee quits over plot to ‘bring down’ UK lawmakers

by MG editor

jewish espionage

Shai Masot resigns after being covertly filmed conspiring to weaken MPs perceived as unfriendly to Israel

ed note–a few thing worth noting here–

1. The only, repeat–ONLY–reason that Masot ‘resigned’ was because he had been caught on tape. Had there been no proof in the form of either audio or video, Jewish groups the world over and going all the way up to the office of Nutty Netty would be screaming ‘blood libel’ and ‘anti-Semitic canard’.

2. Every person employed by the Israeli government and operating in any capacity in another country outside the Jewish state is a trained spy, from every ambassador all the way down to the secretary who makes sure that the embassy toilets have enough kosher toilet paper, and in some capacity, either in a direct or indirect role, each of them engages in espionage against the host country where they are operating in a ‘diplomatic’ capacity.

and, finally–

3. Keep in mind that what Masot was caught on tape bragging about is precisely what Jewish groups are screeching about 24/7 in the attempt to cut off at the knees the presidency of one Donald J. Trump, that ‘foreign elements’–in this case, Russia and Vladimir Putin–are engaged in subversive activities in bringing down elected governments.

Will there be the same 24/7 press coverage in the JMSM about this explosive development in the UK, along with all attending ‘analysis’ by experts in the intelligence community concerning the implications associated with Jewish espionage in the US?

My spider sense is telling me no. Read more of this post

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