Is Trump’s Job to Start WW3 with China-Iran-Russia?

China Deploys Nuclear ICBM System In “Response to Trump’s Provocative Remarks”

Jan 25, 2017 11:12 am
By Jay Syrmopoulos The Chinese wasted no time responding to U.S. President Donald Trump’s tough talk regarding the South China Sea by reportedly deploying an…

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My Comment:  If he instigates war with China he is no friend to the American Public who voted him in.  War with Russia means Satan Nuclear missiles in which American cities will be annihilated 10 at a time with ballistic missiles carrying ten nukes each all going in different directions…Russia has learned not to trust our lying leaders run by the Devil worshipping Synagogue of Satan that the Zionist Christian fools believe they have to support.  Banksters run Amerika and they make loads of money on wars.  Does America really believe their leaders care about them with their refusal to pass labeling laws on GMOs (Russia does not even allow GMOs into their country), their lying Zionist media that can’t tell the truth and remain credible to keep Americans suckered into paying 40-50 trillion for wars and getting benefits cuts,  no bomb shelters for US citizens in the event of a World War while Sweden has nuclear bomb shelters for all of its citizens and Russia has done nuclear drills to protect their own.  What has been provided for American citizens-NOTHING!!!!!  WOW DO WE EVER LOOK LIKE FOOLS!  Our leaders are allowing vaccines to destroy an entire generation of toddlers by Big Pharma, poisoning their constituents with GMOs, provoking nuclear wars with Russia and China and will let their idiotic population get nuked to death while Russia protects its people.  I don’t know about China.  They have an extremely bad human rights track record and we are right up there with them!  But isn’t it always that way with a Zionist controlled Communist country?  or Zionist controlled Dictatorship?

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