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Six Month-Old Baby Dies Just Five Days After Receiving 13 Vaccines

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 10:00 PM PST

Imagine being emotionally blackmailed by your doctor to have your baby vaccinated with a lethal cocktail of 13 vaccines, which included two doses of the DTaP, three doses of the oral rotavirus vaccine and two doses of the polio vaccination.

It sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

However, this is exactly what happened to Alisa Neathery when she took her six month-old unvaccinated baby to the doctor for the first time.

She told VacTruth:

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Alien Hand & Skull Found in Peru — Skull Tests: ‘Clearly Not Human’

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 09:00 PM PST

Though easy, initially, to call fake, a Hollywood prop or whatever, the above artifact was seen by us in person recently in Cusco Peru.

It was presented to us, along with a small mummified elongated humanoid skull and body by a local person.

X rays of the “hand” (below) show that each of the 3 fingers has 6 bones, while a human hand has 3. Once again, as with the skull, physicians in Cusco determined that clearly this is not the hand of a human, but is made up of bone and skin.

They were unable to determine what kind of life form it is, or was.

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72 Bombs a Day — How the U.S. Spread ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom’ in 2016

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 08:00 PM PST

Among the many other landmark events that took place in 2016, the United States military dropped a whopping 26,171 bombs in foreign nations.

This is hardly good news for those on the receiving end, and as conflict spreads in the Middle East and government pushes for all out war with Russia and China, ordinary Americans, those who foot the war bill with tax money, have some soul-searching to do.

Are the values this nation was founded on best shared with the world through violence and destruction?

Has American ingenuity in all matters of science and productivity been eclipsed by out capacity to exert the will of the oligarchy though police actions and indiscriminate bombing?

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How Corporations Hijacked Personhood

Posted: 11 Jan 2017 07:00 PM PST

Commerce is not a dirty word, nor is the creation of wealth when it is achieved within a free market economy. The problem is that the remnant of a free market existed only in an age before the mercantile interests were able to redefine the character of business transactions.

Today, few question the nature of the corporation. Even small business ventures migrate towards the organizational structure of a corporate entity.

However, an in-depth analysis of the entrepreneurial enterprises indicates that America’s Shrinking Corporate Sector is in retreat.

“Recently released IRS data shows that there were 1.6 million C corporations in 2011. This is the lowest number of traditional corporations since 1974 and 1 million fewer than there were at the peak in 1986.”

But before you shed a tear, review A Short History Of Corporations.

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My Comment:  Corporations were created to shield their founders from Accountability For Their Crimes-the only reason for Corporations to Exist and they must be outlawed and the criminals at the top imprisoned.

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