How Will Jews (Zionists of Synagogue of Satan) Fare in Trump’s Reign?

MUST READ– ‘How Will Jews Fare in the Trump Era?’

by MG editor


Get ready to stand out, as Trump peels away the layer of political correctness that blurred distinctions within humanity; now everyone will be reminded that we’re Jews, and that’s not necessarily in our favor.

ed note–a few ‘worth noting’ items in this one–

1. ‘It is forbidden to think, let alone express out loud, the obvious: that the differences between Judaism and Christianity, which embrace different systems of morality and differ in character, manifest themselves in the way states conduct themselves. And now, even before Trump has been sworn in, a layer of political correctness is being peeled away, exposing a mix of skin tones for all to see.’

WOW, what a whopper that one is. Our esteemed Hebraic author is basically saying that despite the very sophisticated and relentless schmooze campaign that has been underway for many years whereby organized Jewish groups such as ADL et al try to paint Jews as ‘just like everyone else’ is on its face a scam meant to lasso deluded Gentiles into opening gates of their world to people who do not share their values. Furthermore, her last statement, vis a vis Trump’s presidency and how it threatens to expose these ‘differences’ between Jews and Christians within the parameters of  ‘morality’ and ‘character’, citing specifically the very same item that we at this website seized upon immediately concerning Netanyahu’s ‘turn the other cheek’ comment is quite telling indeed, in that our Hebraic author fears that what Trump has planned is a series of political machinations meant to show just how out of control the Jewish state is and why the world–for the sake of its own survival-needs to reign this mad dog in before the point of no return is crossed.

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