BLM & Protestors Funded by Zionist Soros-Zionist Mafia Big Losers in Trump Election & Are Sore Losers!

Klayman: Trump Gives Truly Great Inaugural Speech in the Face of BLM and Other Black Racist and Leftist Thugs!
Inauguration protests turn violent, car torched

By Joseph Weber
Fox News
January 20, 2017
WASHINGTON – Inauguration Day protests turned violent late Friday morning, as spectators reported being attacked and a police official said demonstrators were vandalizing property and even torched a car.

The police official confirmed protesters “have crow bars and are vandalizing,” after demonstrators were seen smashing windows downtown, including at a local McDonald’s and other locations.

Sources told Fox News that at least three police officers were taken to the hospital. Their injuries were described as minor.

My Comment:  George Soros (Mr Evil) has long funded violent “protests” using thugs.  He is a Zionist bagman for the Rothschild Khazar Mafia and these people are big time SORE LOSERS in their goal of World Domination which they fully expected to achieve with Hillary Clinton-their chosen one who lost big time to Trump.  George Soros funded (with Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton) the Ukrainian “Orange” Revolution that toppled a legitimately elected leader who ran for his life to Russia and replaced him with a Cabinet of Crook Zionist leaders putting every day salt of the earth Ukrainians into deeper poverty while these Globalist Zionists stole their state assets and mineral rights.  Don’t support these Synagogue of Satan Zionists- they are the bloodsuckers of humanity…they must GO!!!

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