Water & Vibration

“Water is a medium that receives and understands even the subtlest vibrations. Water captures vibrations naturally. Even when these vibrations are in characters, or letter representing language, water shows us the energy they contain in the form of crystals. Water is attempting to communicate something to us. Negative emotions prevent the water from crystallizing. Positive emotions allow it to develop in beautiful hexagonal shapes.” – Dr. Masaru Emoto

In the realm of energy medicine, it is believed that everything has a vibrational signature and those signatures either promote health or hamper it. Words and intentions have vibrational patterns whereas water is a medium that receives and understands even the subtlest of vibrations. With this assumption, Dr. Masaru Emoto has researched the effects of words on water crystals by capturing images via high-speed photography. His work, which was featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? and in his book Messages in Water, shows how negative emotions prevent water from crystallizing while positive emotions allow it to develop in beautiful hexagonal shapes.

After receiving many requests from his readers to produce posters of the water crystals, Emoto had chosen to create a set of oracle cards featuring the photographs so that they could be used for practical purposes.

The Water Crystal Oracle is a 48-card deck that is divided into four sets of twelve cards with the themes of Healing, Wisdom, Power and Earth. One side of the card depicts a water crystal photograph while the other side features the theme of the card at top and a focus word in the middle. The 16-page booklet that accompanies the deck suggests several ways to use the cards including focused meditation, keeping a card under a glass of water for two hours and then drinking it, placing the Love and Gratitude card on your bath or shower wall to increase the hado (vibration) of the water, and for global prayer with the intentions of “I love you” and “Thank you” projected into the connected water of the Earth.

Through Emoto’s work, he realized the relationship between emotions and the organs in the body, concluding that vibrational disturbances negatively affect the body. However, the body’s intrinsic vibration of health can be restored by giving a new external vibrational to cancel out the disturbance. Emoto than began to work with musician Alan Roubik to create music to balance the body. Thus, the Cards of Healing feature photographs of crystals taken after playing ten different melodies. Emoto discusses listening to the music while visualizing positive emotion and even lists the songs, but considering there is no CD that comes with the Water Crystal Oracle, this information seems out of place. There is no advice for the Healing Cards except for listing a positive emotion with which to work with and the negative counterpart to be released. Two examples are Pancreatic Hado (Sympathy/Self Pity) and Blood Circulation Hado (Bonding/Stress of Human Relations).

The Cards of Power can be used to amplify or to honor something in your life. Some of the cards in the Power group include Prosperity, Hope, Prayer, Honesty, and Eternity. However, there are no oracular meanings given for any of these cards.

The Cards of Wisdom and the Cards of Earth are really the only two groups that can be considered oracular. For example, the wisdom of the Happiness card says “What can we do to increase happiness in the world? Love ourselves!” The Harmony card conveys “There was once a spiritual awareness that attempted to raise the people’s consciousness to pray for harmony in all things. Harmony is the greatest of virtues.” In contrast, the Earth Cards feature all four seasons as well as Sun, Earth, Dolphin, Stonehenge, Rainforest, Coral Reef, and so on. The advice of the Dolphin card says “Dolphins are our teachers of unconditional love. Focus on them when you need to connect with this energy. Picture yourself surrounded by them in the ocean as you swim together surrounded by their bubbles of joy.”

The Dolphin is the only animal included in the Earth cards. As an aside, I find it a bit amusing (well, maybe disturbing is a better word) that New Age folks elevate dolphins to mystical status, especially when these creatures are known for the calculated gang rape of female dolphins. They even have a secondary gang as back up-not to help the female, but to corner her to be raped.

In my opinion, the Water Crystal Oracle deck is misnamed as are many nowadays. It functions more as a meditative and contemplative deck more than anything. If you’re really into Emoto’s work with water crystals or just want a deck for contemplating the effects of thought and intention on water, our bodies, and the world, then you’ll likely enjoy this deck. The cards would also be useful for “charging” water with specific healing intentions. However, if you’re new to Emoto’s work or want an oracle with substance, then you’d likely be disappointed with this deck.

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