The Most Dangerous Law of All

Senate Quietly Passes The ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’

by MG editor


ed note–this (in addition to others) is the reason that for many years this website and a handful of others have gone against the grain and called foul against various players propagating various brands of BS, whether it was the ‘everything is a hoax’ BS, those various ‘white nationalist’ groups/individuals who claimed to be working against organized Jewish interests but who nevertheless have carried the water for Israel by propagating the lies concerning Islam and, of course, those who simply can’t seem to get enough of the latest conspiracy theory du jour no matter how irrational it is, delving into the Jesuits, the ‘Black Pope’, giant blood-drinking lizards in human form, flat earth, etc.

By mixing untruth with truth, we have now handed the powers that be all the reason they needed in getting legislation such as this passed whereby a new governmental agency is created in bringing legal measures against the alternative media, thus shutting down real, verifiable alternative news/analysis concerning 9/11, Zionism, etc.

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