Lying Lieberman: Israel hit Syria to Keep WMD From Hezbollah

Lying Lieberman: Israel hit Syria to keep WMDs from Hezbollah

by MG editor

The Ugly Truth Zulfiqar

In rare admission defense minister tells EU ambassadors IAF active in Syria, says peace with Palestinians far off

ed note–ahem, allow me to translate that for you–

‘We have spent years trying to paint Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran as terrorist entities, and now they have just liberated Aleppo and are busy killing all the ISIS terrorists that we have created, armed, trained, funded, etc. This is going to expose¬†us as the liars that we are and in the process, the Axis of Resistance will secure a huge PR victory around the world, and especially in the Middle East. This is nothing less than a weapon of mass destruction–the veil of duplicity being lifted from the eyes of the Goyim–and therefore we have to at least try and salvage something from this disaster that took place, so we are going to lob a few bombs, which is what we do best, outside of lying, of course.’

Furthermore, what the liberation of Aleppo reveals as well is that when Christians and Muslims unite against a common enemy–as indeed took place with the cooperative efforts of Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah–victory is assured, something which Jewry has feared now since the 6th century when Islam first made its appearance on the world stage.

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