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Foxman blasts Trump’s Israel envoy pick for ‘ugly’ attack on ADL

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Ex-head of group slams David Friedman for post-election interview castigating ADL as ‘morons’ after it criticized closing campaign ad

ed note–in ferreting through and trying to make sense of internecine squabbles within an otherwise unified community, it is important to note 2 things–

1. Sometimes within the crime syndicate known as La Kosher Nostra, there are diverging interests that result in gang wars, and

2. During the time of the Roman/Jewish wars, the Jewish community was divided between those deluded fanatics who wanted to go to war against Rome (suicide) and those who were more practical and wanted to strike a deal. The difference of opinion on this matter was severe enough that the Siccari, the knife wielding assassins who wanted open war with Rome, would regularly murder other Jews who were seen as ‘collaborators’ with the Romans.

We are seeing a replay of this today, as those on ‘the right’ in Israel and elsewhere are engaged in open hostilities with ‘Rome’ today–meaning America and the West–vs those on the ‘left’ who are trying to strike some balance, knowing that Judea simply cannot exist without the parasitical relationship that presently exists between the Jewish state and the West.

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