‘Within the center of everyone’s brain is a small pine cone-shaped endocrine gland, known as the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located very close to the pituitary gland. This tiny, yet very important gland is responsible for many important functions in our bodies.

The pineal gland produces various hormones and chemicals that keep us healthy and functioning well. One such hormone that the pineal gland produces is called melatonin, which controls our body’s sleep and wake patterns. Without the proper amounts of melatonin in our system, we experience sleep disruption, and possibly an accelerated aging process. Other hormones and chemicals created through the pineal gland, when it is functioning properly, cause states of happiness, euphoria, peacefulness, healthy mental function, balanced emotions, moods, and nervous system. Yet that is not all this little pine cone-resembling part of our human anatomy does.’

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