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Latest NewsOctober 28, 2021 – Ethan HuffIn blatant act of executive overreach, Gov. Inslee to mandate covid jabs for all private businesses in Washington

(Natural News) Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has been granted an emergency extension of his Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency powers, which he plans to use to expand his vaccine mandate to the private sector. According to reports, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) filed the emergency rulemaking package last … [Read More…]3,090 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Ethan HuffVictoria, Australia, to become a “vaccinated economy” with endless boosters – no unvaccinated allowed to function in society

(Natural News) Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has officially announced that in order to participate in Australia’s emerging “vaccinated economy,” all residents will need to take every government “booster” shot in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.” Speaking to reporters, Andrews rambled about how “it will be in everybody’s … [Read More…]2,600 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Mary VillarealFDA, mainstream media attack ivermectin using fake news and shameful fallacies

(Natural News) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the mainstream media are insisting that ivermectin is a veterinary drug and that it is dangerous to humans. But alt-media personality Joe Rogan got CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta to admit that they’re lying. In his program, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the host noted … [Read More…]1,530 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Mary VillarealIt’s now irrefutable: COVID-19 mass vaccinations prove to be a massive failure

(Natural News) The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now spread across six continents and caused over 4.9 million deaths. Almost every country has been affected by the disease, and the virus continues to plague many. Many countries have reintroduced lockdown rules to slow the spread of the virus over the winter months, while … [Read More…]2,650 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Arsenio ToledoInvestigative reporter says government’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a PSYOP

(Natural News) Experts are wondering if the American government’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a psychological operation (PSYOP). David Marks, an investigative reporter writing for the Children’s Health Defense, was one of the first to notice the similarities between the way the federal government is … [Read More…]2,730 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Ramon TomeyFrench government seeks extension of COVID emergency measures until after elections

(Natural News) The French government is seeking to extend its capacity to prolong Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency measures. A proposal for the extension has already passed in the French parliament’s lower house. The proposal seeks to extend COVID-19 measures until July 31, 2022 – beyond the presidential election scheduled in April … [Read More…]670 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Zoey SkyLobby group urges Hong Kong to rethink zero-COVID policy that threatens to cripple its status as financial hub

(Natural News) To curb the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Hong Kong’s government enforced a zero-COVID policy and tightened travel restrictions for international travelers. However, the largest financial lobby group in Asia warned that the restrictive policy may put the city’s status as a financial hub at risk. The Asia … [Read More…]780 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Mary VillarealBiden prioritizes gender-based issues over supply shortages and inflation

(Natural News) The White House recently released a fact sheet detailing the national strategy on gender equity and equality as part of its “Gender Strategy Report.” The document, which is part of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, is broken down into ten interconnected priorities. These areas of intersectional focus include … [Read More…]880 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Ramon TomeyGold prices projected to hit $3K per ounce within a few months – analyst

(Natural News) Market experts have predicted that gold prices will hit the $3,000 mark within a few months. The prediction comes as prices of gold remain stable while prices of other metals soar to highest levels in years. With the projected price hike, gold is set to be impacted by inflationary pressure. Bloomberg reports that two … [Read More…]1,670 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Arsenio ToledoSmall businesses suffering due to supply chain crisis

(Natural News) The supply chain crisis that is preventing America’s economy from fully recovering is forcing many of the country’s small businesses to change how they operate, sometimes for the worse. This is according to the most recent survey conducted by the federal government known as the “U.S. Census Small Business Pulse … [Read More…]710 VIEWSOctober 28, 2021 – Arsenio ToledoHYPOCRITES: Climate change conference will use coal-powered charging stations and diesel generators to charge electric vehicles

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