Dangerous Law: Sign the Petition & Tell Others

The bill is HR 34 “21st Century Cures Act.” According to Sallie O Elkordy and her petition against HR 34 at Change.org,

The bill would allow:

Experimental drugs and vaccines to be used on people without informed consent,

The licensing of medical devices and drugs [vaccines are drugs/biologicals] that have not gone through rigorous safety and efficacy trials,

Expedited” safety and efficacy testing for drugs, vaccines and medical devices, It eliminates current law that requires physicians to report gifts and other forms of compensation from drug, vaccine and medical devices firms.

Currently, a child injured in utero by a vaccine has a legal right to sue the doctor and vaccine manufacturer. HR 34 takes away those basic rights and would force the child to apply in the dead-end National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. [CJF emphasis added]

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