‘After nearly 9,500 people were evacuated from eastern Aleppo, radical groups violated the agreement by taking hostages, the remains of Syrian Army troops, and prohibited weapons with them, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, told RT.

“More than 9,449 terrorists [and members of their families] have evacuated from the eastern part of the city, due to the agreement made for this purpose and thanks to Russian mediation,” Jaafari stated.

He then explained why the evacuation stopped amid reports the Syrian Army blamed the militants for violating the evacuation deal. “Unfortunately, the agreement was violated today by the terrorist groups who took hostages with them and corpses of Syrian Army martyrs while they were exiting the city,” Jaafari said. “[They also] were transferring medium-caliber weapons after dismantling them in violation [of the] agreement.”’

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