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‘The New Eastern Outlook website has an extraordinary article up by the excellent French investigative reporter Jean Perier, exposing the massive arms sales that have been going on between Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, and ISIS.

Perier points out that a lot of these arms are of Soviet manufacture – in order to cover tracks, and are primarily coming out of places like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Serbia, and other former East bloc nations.

He argues that the arms trade is so large, that in and of itself this would be a powerful incentive to maintain the conflict in Syria as long as possible, something Obama seems to be doing his best to do, by recently lifting restrictions on advanced weapons systems to the Syrian rebels.’

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His ID was found in the footwell of the truck used in Monday’s attack which claimed 12 lives and injured 48

‘An international manhunt is under way for an “armed and dangerous” Tunisian man with ties to Islamic extremists who has been identified as a suspect in the Berlin lorry attack which left 12 dead.

As the manhunt continues, it has been revealed that the prime suspect for the Berlin massacre was under covert surveillance for months as a possible terrorist threat until police let him slip through their grasp earlier this month.

Anis Amri, 24, a Tunisian asylum seeker who arrived in Germany last year, was investigated for “preparing a serious crime endangering national safety”, involving funding the purchase of automatic weapons for use in a terrorist attack.

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‘German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet has passed draft legislation proposed by the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere that would allow increased video surveillance in various public areas and on transport networks…

…The bill’s aim is to “increase the security level in Germany,” the government’s statement said, adding that “protection of lives, health and freedom of people via video surveillance conducted by private operators in publicly accessible areas should be considered as ‘an issue of particular importance’.”

The new regulation will apply to “all sorts of public facilities” such as sports and entertainment venues, as well as to shopping centers, and especially Christmas markets. It also covers the issue of video surveillance in public transport, including trains, buses and water transport.’

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‘Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has identified the off-duty police officer, who recently gunned down Russia’s ambassador to Ankara, as a member of the team providing security for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Named as 22-year-old Mevlut Mert Altintas, the officer shot and killed Andrey Karlov, the Russian envoy, as the latter was inaugurating a photo exhibition in the Turkish capital, Ankara, with nine bullets on Monday. The attacker was subsequently gunned down by the police.

The paper said he had served in the taskforce ensuring that no harm would come to the head of state in public events. The group would play second fiddle to Erdogan’s personal bodyguards.

He had provided security for the Turkish president eight times since July 15, when the country witnessed a failed coup, according to the report.’

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