Zionist First Schumer Vows to Block & Fight Trump-No Love For America-Israel First-This Traitor Needs to Go

Why Democrats need to fight Donald Trump from the moment he takes office

by MG editor

ed note–there is a reason that out of all the people whose ugly mugs could have been splattered across the front page of this essay, it was none other than Chuck Schumer who got top billing.

No, not because he’s a Democrat or because he was recently elected Senate Minority Leader, but rather because he is up to his eyeballs as an operative for Israel and who once stated plainly on a live radio program that his job as a US Senator was to be a ‘guardian for Israel’, to wit–

“You know, my name comes from the word ‘shomer’, meaning ‘guardian or watcher’, and I believe Hashem [Orthodox name given to God] actually gave me that name…One of my roles, very important in the United States Senate, is to be the ‘Shomer Y’Israel’, and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body…”

In other words, the direction of this Op-ed is not to rally Democrats to ‘fight Donald Trump from the moment he takes office’ based upon his positions on ‘immeegrayshun,’ gun control, NAFTA, etc, but rather, what his agenda means for the well-being of the Jewish state.  Read more of this post

MG editor | 11/17/20

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