Putin is the World’s Most Respected Leader-Are Any of Amerika’s Leaders Respected? At all???

Russia marks ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people’

by MG editor


ed note–just a lil’ something to chew on mentally the next time some self-proclaimed ‘expert’ within the ‘movement’ makes the claim that Putin/Russia are in Israel’s back pocket and that they are ‘secretly’ working for the Jews.

Yes, they are only words, but they are fighting words and are backed up with action, most notably in Syria. As America’s influence/credibility in the Middle East continues to wain–which it will, despite whatever plans Trump has on reversing this trend–look for the Russians to take a more pro-active role in pushing the Jews back behind the internationally-recognized borders that existed before 1967.

In the meantime, Russia, working alongside Iran, will continue to gnaw away at American/western dominance in the region and will begin pulling those countries currently under the thumb of western/zionist interests such as KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc, into a Russian/Iranian sphere of influence. Read more of this post

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