Electoral College Petition to Vote For Hillary Clinton & WW3!

Petition urging Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton goes viral but unlikely to succeed

by MG editor


ed note–We really hate to rain on everyone’s parade here following the momentous events taking place this week, but keep in mind that it ain’t over yet, and that the fat lady that may actually sing will not be the will of the American voters, but rather Hillary Clinton.

The sudden about-face that has taken place with regards to key players in the Jewish establishment, congratulating Trump on his victory and in general advocating that the country ‘rally ’round the leader’ may be a ruse of sorts meant to cover their tracks vis a vis what is scheduled to take place in the Electoral College very soon. In fact, if I were a betting man, I wold be willing to dedicate a sizable amount of my meager holdings to the notion that indeed this is what is scheduled to take place–a Clinton victory–as a stop-gap measure towards¬†reversing what just took place.

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