Activists Demand Illuminati Chemical Company Dupont Keep Promises

You’ve heard about how we traveled to Dordrecht, Netherlands last spring to work with local residents to hold DuPont accountable for poisoning local drinking water. Now these tenacious protesters from Dordrecht and neighboring Sliedrecht have stepped up their campaigning in a HUGE way.

This morning, protesters marched on DuPont’s Dordrecht plant to demand accountability for C-8 and other contamination issues.

The protesters are furious that DuPont hid the truth about C-8, its replacement chemical GenX, and other contamination issues for decades. Now they’re standing up to demand accountability and justice.

We’re proud to stand with the folks in Dordrecht and Sliedrecht demanding clean water and air.

We’ll continue to give updates on this growing movement in the Netherlands — be sure to like us on Facebook for more pictures and videos from today’s event, and LIKE and SHARE to show that you stand with the Dutch people in their fight!



Keep Your Promises DuPont

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