Jewish Mafia Controls Us aka Synagogue of Satan Zionists

Radio Host and Trump supporter Alex Jones claims ‘Jewish mafia’ controls US

by MG editor

La Kosher Nostra Flame Chrone

Ed note– you can talk about anything–the Italian mafia, the Russian mafia, the cocaine cartels, Chinese crime lords, anything you want–but the one thing you are not allowed to discuss is the one thing that is universally true across all spectrums of discussion involving organized crime–The overarching role that organized Jewish interests play in all of it. Names such as Meyer Lansky, Micky Cohen, Bugsy Siegel, Al Goldstein, we are supposed to treat these historical figures as if they were mere fictional characters in a story that did not have any truth to it, despite the fact that the Jews themselves celebrate in their own writings how they were the Godfathers of organized crime in America and how if the historical narrative were properly presented, there would be no hit television programs called The Sopranos but rather those called The Shapiros.

The one valuable thing that we can take from this little drama, besides the obvious, which is how the Jews lie through their collective teeth in order to cover up their role in various nefarious agendas, is that Alex Jones  himself must realize how late in the hour it is for him to have crossed a line that he has never been willing to cross previously.

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