EIR Daily Alert Service – Volume 3, Number 39



The Key to Victory Is Overcoming Fear

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—At the very moment that the BRICS heads of state were meeting in Goa, India, mapping out collaboration on a new paradigm of state cooperation in great projects, President Obama was dispatching Vice President Joe Biden to deliver a direct threat to Russia. Appearing on NBC TV on Sunday morning, Biden vowed that the United States would conduct a covert cyber attack on Russia at a time or place of Obama’s choosing.  Russian officials, including Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, have condemned these threats in the sharpest of terms, calling it the most direct threat of war since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Those threats are coming from a President Obama who already has the blood of countless people on his hands, through his Tuesday “kill sessions” and the unrelenting drone warfare being conducted on many continents—all without any Constitutionally-mandated authorization from Congress.  Now the United States is openly engaging in coalition warfare on behalf of the Saudis against Yemen, conducting artillery fire from U.S. Navy ships in the Gulf of Yemen, even as the world recoils from the Saudi blatant war crimes in targeting civilians for bombing raids in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.

And it is this Obama Administration that is accusing Russia of war crimes in the battle to unseat Al Qaeda from its control over parts of the Syrian city of Aleppo—and is once again threatening sanctions against Moscow.  Secretary of State John Kerry was in London on Sunday, following two days of meetings in Lausanne, Switzerland about the Syria war, where he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, U.A.E., Iran, Iraq, and Jordan.  He and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson came out of their London meeting vowing to impose new sanctions on Russia—unless Moscow stops its assault on Al Qaeda.

Obama carries forward the legacy of tyranny associated with two former Bush Presidents, including the George H.W. Bush who railroaded Lyndon LaRouche into jail, in what former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark called the greatest case of political frame-up ever.  The policies of the two Bush Administrations, made even worse by Obama, have bankrupted the United States; wiped out what little remained of the U.S. health-care system, and threw millions of households onto the scrap-heap of poverty and chronic unemployment.  93.5 million Americans of working age are not even counted in the labor force! Just this month, 1.8 million American households received form letters in the mail, informing them that their Obamacare premiums were going up by 50-70%, while their coverage was being slashed. Even former President Bill Clinton had the sense to publicly call this “the craziest thing in the world.”

Obama and his British masters and Saudi partners are, in reality, the ones who are bankrupt.  It is their trans-Atlantic financial system that is finished.  As Lyndon LaRouche observed on Sunday in talks with colleagues, the British economy is totally broken down.  They are desperate to lash out and make threats against Russia and China, hoping that their lies will get some traction.  They are bankrupt but dangerous.

The reality is that there are clear solutions, starting with the ouster of Obama and the immediate reinstating of Glass-Steagall.  The entire global derivatives bubble, amounting to more than a quadrillion dollars, must be cancelled.  With those initial steps accomplished, a recovery can be launched immediately, using Hamiltonian methods, as recently spelled out in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws.

The first step in all of this is for leading citizens to abandon their fears and take leadership in bringing Obama the Killer down and initiating the recovery, starting with Glass-Steagall.  The recent victories in forcing Obama to release the 28 pages, damning the Saudi Monarchy as the authors of the 9/11 attacks, and the passage by Congress of the Justice Against State Terrorism Act (JASTA) bill, are illustrative of the power that can be unleashed through a concentration of patriotic forces. The fact that the Obama veto of JASTA was overridden by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in both Houses of Congress is a powerful reminder that the vast majority of Americans hate Obama and everything he has done and stands for.  The Saudis are trying to paper over the devastating defeat that they and Obama suffered in the JASTA fight, by spending $100 million in lobbying to try to undo the damage. They are doomed to fail.

What is now vital is that the same level of mobilization of leading citizens that went into the JASTA victory is maintained and directed against Obama, and for the implementation of Glass-Steagall and other measures.

A crucial feature of the JASTA victory was the four performances of Mozart’s Requiem by the Schiller Institute Chorus in the New York City area on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  It injected a vital dimension of cultural optimism through the beauty of the performances—at a moment that a desperate British enemy is trying to bury any source of optimism through the pornographic show called the 2016 presidential campaign.

No matter what the outcome on Election Day, the nation and the world at large will still be facing the disintegration of the entire British-run trans-Atlantic financial system and the threat of war and chaos.  The solutions are available to prevent that collapse and that is the priority agenda.  That is the source of strength for overcoming our fellow citizens’ fears and achieving a tough victory.  It can be done.


Russian Officials Take Seriously Cyber Attack Threat by Biden

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—Russian officials have responded sharply to the threat of U.S. cyber attack delivered by Vice President Joseph Biden, in an interview with NBC News’ ”Meet the Press” today. Russia Channel One featured the Biden threat as the second lead news item after the BRICS summit, reporting that “Moscow took sharp notice of the fact that this threat was voiced at such a high political level. In the U.S., by the way, after Biden’s statement the media started reporting that some kind of overall answer to Russia is in preparation. What it might be, no one knows.  Recently, at the State Department, there was talk about Russia losing more planes in Syria and sending its servicemen home in bodybags.”

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued a statement on Oct. 16, declaring, “The fact is, U.S. unpredictability and aggression keep growing, and such threats against Moscow and our country’s leadership are unprecedented, because the threat is being announced at the level of the U.S. Vice President.  Of course, given such an aggressive, unpredictable line, we have to take measures to protect our interests; somehow hedge the risks.  Such unpredictability is dangerous for the whole world.”

Konstantin Kosachov, the head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, told Russia Channel One’s prime time “Vremya” news program that “This is a direct threat of the use of force by the U.S.A.; an unprecedented event.  There has been nothing like this since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.  This is a threat of cyber terrorism, coming from a state. It is an emergency, which should be taken up at the level of the UN Security Council, and which requires Russia to take all possible measures to insure its national security.”

Russians Deploy Carrier Group and British Flummoxed

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, along with the nuclear-powered cruiser Pyotr Velikiy, the destroyers Severomorskand Vice-Admiral Kulakov, and unspecified supply vessels departed Severomorsk yesterday, for the Kuznetsov’s first-ever combat deployment. Officially, the goal of the voyage is “to ensure naval presence in the important areas of the World Ocean,” said the Northern Fleet’s press service. “Special focus will be made on safeguarding security of maritime traffic and other types of maritime economic activity of Russia and also on responding to the new kinds of modern threats such as piracy and international terrorism.” The Kuznetsov is carrying an air group consisting of Su-33 and MiG-29K fighter jets, as well as Ka-27 anti-submarine and Ka-52k combat helicopters. Much more significant might be the impressive arsenal of anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles that the five warships are carrying.

In London, the British are preparing for the passage of theKuznetsov battle group through the English Channel, or whatever route or routes the Russians decide to take, as if the Russians might be planning to attack England instead of terrorists in Syria—except for one problem: the Royal Navy may not be able to provide any ships to escort them. Sources told the Telegraph that with the Royal Navy short of ships and sailors, the warships needed to escort the Russians would have to be diverted from other missions to meet the Russian vessels. The Royal Navy is down to only 19 warships as a result of David Cameron’s budget cuts.


Architect of Euro and ECB Warns of Imminent Crash

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—Otmar Issing, the first chief economist of the European Central Bank and an architect of the single currency, has told the Sunday Telegraph’s international business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that the entire euro system is on the edge of collapse, and that it was fatally flawed from the inception, because it was betrayed by political considerations. “The Stability and Growth Pact has more or less failed.  Market discipline is done away with by ECB interventions.  So there is no fiscal control mechanism from markets or politics.  This has all the elements to bring disaster for monetary union.”  He told Evans-Pritchard that “The no bail-out clause is violated every day,” and the “ECB has crossed the Rubicon.”  He described the ECB purchasing of junk bonds as something that would have “been unthinkable in the past.”

Issing blasted the handling of the Greek debt crisis, starting in 2010, arguing that Greece should have been kicked out of the euro, and given “generous support” once they restored the drachma.

Evans-Pritchard noted that Issing delivered a comprehensive deconstruction of the euro and the ECB in an interview recently published in the quarterly Central Banking Journal, “Otmar Issing on Why the Euro House of Cards Is Set To Collapse.”  He warned that the ECB and the euro will try to muddle through from crisis to crisis, but that cannot go on for long.

Return Deutsche Bank to Its Patriotic Roots in Rhineland Capitalism, Exhorts Focus Editor

Oct. 16  (EIRNS)—German Focus weekly magazine editor Wolfgang Reuter has come out today with proposals mirroring Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s July call for returning Deutsche Bank to the legacy that ended with the Nov. 30, 1989 assassination of Deutsche Bank chairman Alfred Herrhausen. Reuter, one of Germany’s senior economic journalists, writes under the headline “Take Responsibility for Deutsche Bank,” which could also be interpreted as “take back” the bank; he describes with simple precision how London’s Morgan Grenfell and Wall Street’s Bankers Trust “investment bankers,” acquired by the bank and became the cancer that ruined the bank’s tradition of German “economic patriotism” which had served Germany’s industrial development since the bank’s founding in 1870: “Basically, this never-corrected aberration was a ‘reverse takeover,’ a takeover by those who were purchased, in consequence of which Deutsche Bank lost its roots.” They plundered the bank, as the EU50 billion in bonuses paid out since 1999 to its investment traders was more than that division ever brought in. “Thus, Deutsche Bank doesn’t need support for the state, but the help of the state. For example, implementing an industrial policy solution,” which editor Reuter proceeds to outline, harking on Germany’s 19th century evolution of a socially conscious “Rhineland capitalism” against the free trade doctrines of Manchester capitalism.

Reuter supports German industry taking on a 30% ownership share of Deutsche Bank, but simultaneously junking its trading in securities and derivatives, even if maintaining some universal bank activities. Such measures would not only be “a patriotic act” as with the founding of the bank, but “Furthermore, it would be a new beginning, a ‘reverse reverse-takeover,’ a credible return to the roots of this once noble banking house.” In a paragraph under the subhead “Rhineland Capitalism as Rescue,” he points to the reciprocity of government and industry working together, as with the European aerospace consortium for Airbus. Germany has always benefitted from this method, “so why not today?”

And if it is not done, then the bank risks being taken over by BNP Paribas of France or Santander of Spain. “Should the nation passively watch this happen? A little bit more self-respect and will to survive hopefully remains in Germany and its industry.”

Reuter came to Focus from the business daily Handelsblatt in 2014, and is an expert on the intrigues that have played out around Deutsche Bank.


LaRouche: Orchestration of Rage against Trump Will Not End the Rage against Obama and Hillary Clinton

Oct. 15 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche today emphasized that the carefully orchestrated campaign against Trump over his perversions will not succeed in damping the popular rage against Obama and Hillary Clinton. Commenting both on the war hysteria and on the thorough breakdown of Obamacare, with millions of people being forced to pay 50-70% higher premiums for less care, he noted that these are adding to the rage in the population against the killer Obama and his asset Hillary Clinton.

“There are so many angry people. The hatred of Obama and Hillary will explode, whatever happens in the election. The ploy of hiding Hillary’s crimes behind Trump’s degeneracy won’t work. The rage will come out and will overcome this effort eventually.

“Our job is to round up the necessary forces to search for a peaceful solution to Obama’s drive for war on Russia. If he starts a general war, it is doom. Get the people with guts, in the government and out, to shut down Obama, to get him out, now. Do they want peace? Shut him down.”

LaRouche Insists, We Must Revive Hamilton’s Plan that Built the U.S.

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—Addressing the Manhattan, New York LaRouche PAC meeting yesterday, EIR intelligence chief Jeffrey Steinberg presented Lyndon LaRouche’s policy directives.

First, to escalate the drive to remove Obama from office, referencing in particular Obama’s “Tuesday kill sessions” to plan assassinations. “By keeping up the heat, and by forcing people to remember what the actual legacy of this president is, we go a long way towards making sure that he is denied the opportunity to blow things up even worse in his final three months in office. … Even in the very little time left in his presidency, his removal on Constitutional principles is something that carries a very powerful message,” Steinberg conveyed.

Second, “We’ve got to make sure our strategic efforts are focussed on effectively establishing the same kind of emergency measures that were adopted by President Franklin Roosevelt in the first 100 days of his Presidency. The immediate reinstatement of Glass-Steagall is an essential element of that effort, but alone, Glass-Steagall doesn’t do the job; it’s a necessary first step, but we’ve got to insist on something much more than that. Namely, a full-scale Hamiltonian revival.  Now, that’s exactly what the legislative package that Franklin Roosevelt pushed through in his first 100 days in office accomplished; and we know the history of Roosevelt’s own deep studies of Alexander Hamilton, going back to his own family legacy….  So, we’ve got that same task.”

Steinberg told the activist audience, “When Lyndon LaRouche wrote his Four Cardinal Laws several years back, he was basically putting forward a framework for applying Hamilton’s core principles to the current circumstances that the United States faces.” Real growth, of scientific and technological progress is now centered in Asia, extending into Eurasia, Steinberg said. “But Western Europe, including Germany, is bankrupt; the United States is an economic basket case with a collapse of infrastructure….

“Getting LaRouche’s Four Laws enacted is vital to everything that we’re doing,” Steinberg said.  “In all likelihood, the next President is going to be problematic in the same way as last two Presidents….  So, we’ve got to keep the perspective that the kind of laser-focussed mobilization that we accomplished that led to the victory in the JASTA fight, has to be carried forward.  And the singular focus of that effort has to be on the implementation of a Hamiltonian recovery for the United States.”

Steinberg said, “We’re not starting from ground zero by any means.  Both political parties have adopted Glass-Steagall in their platforms; and that was not just some minor thing.  This was noted by Wall Street in a real reaction of panic, because of the implications of Glass-Steagall plus the other measures that LaRouche has clearly laid out.  So, that’s the task before us. Unless we can succeed in implementing these kinds of major changes in policy direction, the country is doomed…. The American people are hungry and desperate for the kinds of policies that we’re putting forward.  When we present these policies in a way that they understand what the historic roots are; that this is a restoration of the core principles upon which the our republic was founded … we can make miracles happen.”


BRICS Summit Calls for Multipolar World Order, Industrialization for Developing Nations, End to Syria War

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—In its final communiqué, called the Goa Declaration, the Eighth BRICS Summit in Goa, India declared the five-member grouping to be “an influential voice on the global stage, which delivers direct benefits to our people” through, among other things, new financial institutions such as the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) “which contribute greatly to the global economy and the strengthening of the international financial architecture.

The BRICS is committed, the Goa Declaration stresses, to a “comprehensive, concerted and determined approach” to face the challenges posed by global security threats and economic recession, to bring about the “transition to a multipolar international order.” The final declaration expresses the BRICS’ commitment “to international law and the central role of United Nations as the universal multilateral organization entrusted with the mandate for maintaining international peace and security, advance global development and to promote and protect human rights.”

In addressing global security concerns, the Goa Declaration underscores that development and security are “closely interlinked, mutually reinforcing and key to attaining sustainable peace.” It rejects intervention into the internal affairs of other countries, urging “cooperation excluding imposition of unilateral coercive measures not based on international law … we condemn unilateral military interventions and economic sanctions in violation of international law….”

In the specific cases of Syria and North Africa, the Declaration states that these are matters of deep concern, requiring solutions “in accordance with international law” and in conformity with the principles of “independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the countries of the region…. We will call upon all parties involved to work for a comprehensive and peaceful resolution of the conflict, taking into account the legitimate aspirations of the people of Syria, through inclusive national dialogue and a Syrian-led political process.”

The BRICS nations condemn international terrorism “in all its forms,” and agree to strengthen cooperation in combatting it. The Islamic State, Daesh and its affiliates, are “a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security…. We call upon all nations to adopt a comprehensive approach in combatting terrorism….”

The BRICS nations noted that the global recovery is “progressing,” but challenges remain. Moreover, “geopolitical conflicts … have further added to the uncertainty of the global economy.” The Declaration asserts that while monetary policy will continue to support economic activity, “monetary policy alone … cannot lead to balanced and sustainable growth.” Innovation is key: “We stress the importance of industrialization and measures that promote industrial developmentas a core pillar of structural transformation.” In this context, the BRICS agreed to consult and coordinate on implementation of the G20 agenda, outlined at the June G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, “to strengthen macro-economic cooperation, … as well as robust and sustainable trade and investment to propel global growth … enhance the role of developing countries, and strengthen international financial architecture.”

The Goa Declaration specifies that nuclear energy will play “a significant role for some of the BRICS countries in meeting their 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement commitments.” (Emphases are added.)

Duterte Will Start Three-Day Visit to China on Oct. 18

Oct. 16 (EIRNS)—Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will arrive in southern China on Tuesday, Oct. 18, to start a three-day visit, which will include meetings with President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and National People’s Congress Chairman Zhang Dejiang in Beijing.  Before leaving for his first stop in Brunei, President Duterte made clear that, while he cannot repudiate the ruling of the Permanent Arbitration Panel in The Hague, which could lead to his impeachment, he declared that “There will be no hard impositions,” during his talks.  “This is a matter of international comity when you go there, we only want to talk. And remember, there are only two options:  We go to trouble, or we talk.  We cannot choose the path there in between.” Associated Press, in reporting on the upcoming Duterte visit to China, cited recent statements by Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who warned that any effort to concede Philippines’ sovereign rights in disputed South China Sea waters would be grounds for impeachment.


China Is Expanding Its Planned Missions to the Moon

Oct. 15 (EIRNS)—China is adding new missions to its robotic lunar exploration program, to include sending spacecraft to both the north and south poles of the Moon, Andrew Jones reports on GBTimes media. Last week, China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) told CCTV that a comprehensive 20-year strategy for lunar and planetary exploration is being developed. The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP) will build on the expected success of the Chang’e-5 near-side sample return mission next year, and the Chang’e-4 lunar far-side mission, planned for 2018.

“The exploration of lunar poles is a significant innovation in human history,” said Tian Yulong, chief engineer at SASTIND. The South Pole Aitkin Basin is the largest crater on the Moon, and one of the largest in the Solar System. Because it is at the pole, there are deep valleys that virtually see no sunlight, and tall peaks on the rim that are almost always lit. Scientists are anxious to investigate the Moon’s poles which, in addition to revealing a part of the body’s history, have been shown to contain water ice, which could be a useful resource for many future missions. The back-up spacecraft for the Chang’e-3 sample return, could be a “Chang’e-6” mission, that could carry out a sample return from the far side.




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