Trump’s ‘rigged election’ claims may cause lasting damage

Trump’s ‘rigged election’ claims may cause lasting damage

by MG editor


It’s not clear if the Republican candidate doesn’t understand the harm his words could cause US democracy — or if he simply doesn’t care

ed note–No, we’re not comparing Donald Trump to Jesus, God forbid. We are using this as a reminder as to how things turn out when organized Jewish interests get involved in the ‘electoral’ process and how in once instance they condemned an innocent man to death for His political views and had a convicted murderer freed.

Of the many things Trump has said in the last year that have caused the JPTB a measurable amount of angst and which have resulted in an even more measurable amount of screeching–from his ‘dancing Muslims in New Jersey on the morning of 9/11’ to his talking about ‘Jews controlling politicians with their money’ to his use of the term ‘international bankers’, probably the most problematic is this one concerning rigged elections.

Organized Jewish interests operating in media, politics, academia et al have dedicated an incalculable amount of planning, time, money, and other resources towards re-inventing Americans into brutish, thuggish, prone-to-violence warriors psychologically programmed to function as Stormtroopers in rebuilding Zion, exactly as the protocols of both Judaism and Freemasonry dictate. The liability of creating such a creature however is if the mad scientist who engineered it loses control over his experiment, which could realistically take place if the American people come to understand that their vote means nothing, thus leaving Americans to utilize the one thing which they do well–use violence as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd solution to any problem.

If Trump loses the election and is able to make a cogent case for criminal vote fraud, the ‘movement’ that right now represents a relative handful of people will swell by millions or even tens of millions over night. Those who yesterday shied away from those openly discussing the problems that organized Jewish interests pose to the collective well being of all mankind will abandon all such reservations and will become full-fledged, card-carrying members, something which the JPTB have doubtless already surmised and who will–if necessary–assassinate Trump in order to keep him quiet post-election. Read more of this post

My Comment:  It’s out in the open now.  All US elections are a sham!

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