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‘”The increased globalization of technology and communications means that for the first time in history, terrorist groups and malevolent individuals can reach the United States from almost any part of the world—as was seen all too clearly on 9/11, and reinforced by the recent terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, and Orlando. In many ways, the United States has entered an era of perpetual war,17 since it will have to continue addressing the various manifestations of this threat for years and probably decades to come. ”

“In looking at its strategic environment in the coming years, the Army faces a serious mismatch among its ends, ways, and means. Save a major strategic shift after the presidential election, the United States will continue to be a global leader with major international security responsibilities. That means that US strategic ends, or objectives, would remain largely unchanged— defending US vital interests around the world and maintaining an open global order. The means, or resources, available to the Army to do so will also remain relatively fixed. Unless there is a massive international crisis or a direct attack on the United States, the defense budget will remain capped by the Budget Control Act with little prospect for substantial growth, which will continue to press Army end strengths and budgets ever downward. “’

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