USA Today to Readers: Vote, Just Not for Donald Trump  (My Comment:  ZionMedia)

by MG editor


Taking a side in presidential elections for first time, national newspaper lists eight reasons why Trump is unfit for the presidency, while making clear that it was not endorsing Clinton.

ed note– now WAAAAAIT a minute here…USA Today is owned by Gannett, is notoriously pro-Israel and is top heavy with–drum role please–Jews whose sole allegiance is to Israel and to Jewish issues. If indeed–as all of us now have been lectured now for a year by certain ‘experts’ in this movement, that Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’ and is a ‘hard-core, died-in-the-wool ZY-nist’, than why the about face here? Why would such an important outlet blow its cover so to speak by coming out so strongly against him if indeed he were all those things which the ‘experts’ in this movement claim?

The answer is quite simple, and best explained by paraphrasing something uttered many times by the irreplaceable Mike Piper in many of his previous programs–

‘…Sometimes things are what they appear to be, and sometimes, they ain’t’. Read more of this post

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