VIDEO: TSA Assaults Disabled Cancer Patient Returning Home From Treatment

Posted: 12 Aug 2016 11:51 AM PDT

We Are Change

A new video shows the shocking incident of a disabled woman left beaten and bloodied by the Transportation Security Administration as she returned home following treatment for a brain tumor.

Hannah Cohen, 19

Hannah Cohen, 19

On June 30, Hannah Cohen, 19 — who is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed, and prone to confusion, due to the aggressive cancer treatment she is undergoing — was returning home from a treatment at St. Jude Hospital with her mother Shirley at the Memphis Shelby County Airport.

Damage from radiation treatments and the removal of a brain tumor have limited her ability to “speak, walk, stand, see, hear, care for herself, learn and work, think, concentrate, and interact with others.”

At the security checkpoint, Hannah set off the metal detector meaning she required further screening. She became frightened, confused, and attempted to flee from the agents. Her mother attempted to get to her scared daughter, but TSA would not allow it. Shirley looked on in horror as her daughter was brutally tackled, her head smashing into the ground.

“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” her mother explained.

Hannah, who should have been on her way home to rest and recover, was arrested and booked — though charges were ultimately dropped.

Following the horrific incident, a spokesperson for the TSA released a statement — essentially blaming Hannah and her family for the violence agents used against her.

“Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation,” the TSA spokesperson said in a statement.

The family has now filed a lawsuit against the Memphis police, airport police and the TSA, seeking $100,000 in physical and emotional damages.

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Is Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans ?

Posted: 12 Aug 2016 10:42 AM PDT

We Are Change

BREAKING ! Researchers have found a capable New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans of actuality safe people who are undermining the capacity of Earth to support life, calming new study reports.

The examination, directed by the College of Minnesota, distinguishes a harmful strain of people who are basically resistant to any type of certain learning, leaving researchers at a misfortune in the matter of how to battle them.

“These people seem to have every one of the resources important to get and prepare data,” Davis Logsdon, one of the researchers who added to the study, said. “But, some way or another, they have created barriers that, in every practical sense, have rendered those resources absolutely dormant.”

All the more worryingly, Logsdon said, “As realities have duplicated, their protections against those truths have just developed all the more capable.”

While researchers have no unmistakable comprehension of the instruments that keep the reality save people from retaining information, they estimate that the strain may have built up the capacity to block and dispose of data on the way from the sound-related nerve to the cerebrum. “The typical elements of human cognizance have been totally invalidated,” Logsdon said.

While reaffirming the miserable appraisals of the study, Logsdon held out trust that the danger of actuality safe people could be relieved later on. “Our examination is extremely preparatory, yet it’s conceivable that they will turn out to be more responsive to realities once they are in a domain without nourishment, water, or oxygen,” he said.

Peering inside the cerebrum with X-ray examines, scientists at College School London observed that self-depicted moderate understudies had a bigger amygdala (connection is outer) than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-molded structure somewhere down in the mind that is dynamic amid conditions of trepidation and tension. Liberals had more dim matter at any rate in the front cingulate cortex, a locale of the mind that people groups adapt to intricacy.

Preservationist’s brains ARE distinctive and practices are more reminiscent of lower creatures and primitive deduction based on trepidation and the requirement for strength. Liberal minded individuals have transgressed most base carnal senses to handle their general surroundings in complex ways. This could be an early sign that what we call “humankind” is part of two separate species, one that advances and the other that is slowed down in primitive conduct.

One need just watch the Republican, then the Democrat, civil arguments to perceive how far these Traditionalists are from substantive discourse.” Anybody viewing a Democrat open deliberation who has even a simple handle of reality can see the softball inquiries being asked, while in the Republican level headed discussions the liberal mediators do everything without exception conceivable to begin a fight among applicants, and to make inquiries that are definitely not helpful for substantive exchange, and for the motivation behind crashing any probability of a verbal confrontation really happening.

So clearly John Ton’s definition, and that of liberals when all is said in done, of the truth is the thing that comes into inquiry, particularly in light of his claim that libs bargain extremely well with reality, while they oust 5-year-old children from school for gnawing their pop-tart into the state of a weapon, but then give a large number of dollars worth of endowments and a grant to a child who makes a fake bomb and calls it a clock, while they likewise rebuff the school staff for blundering in favor of alert to shield the children from a potential risk.

Furthermore, since Americans have been hit by various events by terrorists amid the Obama rule of dread, this likewise raises doubt about liberals’ capacity to recognize alert from what they call dead in Republicans/Preservationists and their release of potential dangers (cough*cough*Benghazi*cough) and obviously their transient memory issues come to endure too not having the capacity to recall why we spent over 10 years in Iraq and Afghanistan and the actuality the Democrats voted entire halfheartedly to go there, including Mother Pelosi whose tests they can’t appear to pry their lips off.

Credit = https://www.24media.info/  ?

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