The source for obtaining CBD  ishttp://www.naturesorganiccrystals.com or naturesorganiccrystals@gmail.com, licensed under  Nature’s Organic Crystals,  LLC.,  # L204-71-699. This CBD is from organically grown hemp plants and is 33% pure.  Most other companies are selling CBD oils with a purity of 22%.  The CBD oils from Natures Organic Crystals (NOC) have no added flavors, no ethyl alcohol, grape seed oil, or other extenders, and are prepared by holistic health professionals.

This CBD oil contains organic food grade glycerin and vitamins B2, B6 and B12.  Other sellers of CBD oils have prices of $250.00 per ounce and upward with flavors and various fillers.  NOC’s price per ounce is $159.00 or as close to wholesale as possible to benefit low income families.

Users of NOC’s CBD oil report elimination of pain from Cystitis the user endured for 18 years, elimination of gran mal seizures, clarity of the brain from Paranoid Schizophrenia, relief from suicidal feelings, etc.  Many good results have occurred from dosages lower than what other CBD oils require.

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