FDA Vaccine Meeting 9/17 – Dr. Rose, Retsef Levi, Dr. Fraiman, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Wiseman, Dr. Doshi-Shocking Information & Accusations of Pfizer FRAUD!

FreeTim News110 subscribersSUBSCRIBE@ Start Dr. Jessica Rose on VAERs data @ 3:40 Retsef Levi on boosters and Israel study @ 7:12 Dr. Joseph Fraiman on vaccine hesitancy @ 10:26 Steve Kirsch on vaccine related deaths @ 14:14 Dr. David Wiseman on vaccine product advisory @ 17:30 Dr. Peter Doshi on safety of third dose. Full FDA meeting here. https://youtu.be/WFph7-6t34M the clips I pulled start at 4:09:50 Check out this presentation from the same meeting. Dr. Alexander discusses VAERs and fertility issues.

Fed’s Call Vaccinated “MARKED” @ 15 Seconds of Video Below

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