Million of Americans Could Starve to Death Without Divine Intervention

by Dave Hodges | January 19, 2016 4:12 am


weimar inflation[2]

During the worst of the Weimar Republic, we see a German lady literally paying for small item groceries with barrels full of cash. The situation was so bad, that shop-keepers used to shut down their businesses at lunch in order to change the prices on all of their goods. The 1920’s German crisis represented hyperinflation at is worst. These conditions ultimately led to the rise of fascism and Adolph Hitler and ultimately World War II. Unfortunately, history is beginning to repeat itself.

A Cross-Section of Global Misery

The following examples of food vulnerability appeared on Steve Quayle’s website in just one single day on January, 18, 2016, and it captures the desperate state of a global food crisis that has been visited upon the people of this planet.

Shopping for food in Venezuela is an adventure. People are sharing their groceries with thugs who help them safely get home. Subsequently, Venezuela declares ‘economic emergency’ amid currency woes[3].

According to the Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, “Puerto Rico is in economic collapse but things could get even worse[4]“.

The French president declares an economic emergency[5]. Food availability is greatly impacted.

One of my colleagues in the Independent Media wrote to me, yesterday and said everybody is broke, everybody will soon be unemployed and nobody has any discretionary income.

The Canadian Economic Meltdown

Canada is in the beginning of a monumental and catastrophic economic meltdown. Ultimately, millions could starve to death. And it not just Canada’s food affordability that is impacted. The high price of food is also related to the extravagant price of health care.  When one combines medical equipment and pharmaceuticals amount Canada accounts for 6.3% of American imports. Our medical system is already the most expensive in the world, so a plunge in the dollar’s value would make that situation significantly worse. When the food crisis is visited upon America, medicine affordability will also be impacted.

Just how much food vulnerability is there in Canada? Just take a look at the prices that Canadians are paying at the grocery store.

canadian food crisis 1[6]

canadian food crisis 2[7]

canadian food crisis 4[8]

canadian food crisis 5[9]

canadian food crisis 6[10]

canadian food crisis 7[11]

canadian food crisis 3[12]

Well At Least America Has Nothing to Worry About

Unfortunately, the above statement is wholly untrue. Even before this crisis spreads to America, one in six Americans are on food stamps.

An estimated seven million people starved to death during the Great Depression. And amazingly, these people had food preparation skills, such as canning, that today’s Americans do not possess.

Two Food Experts Speak Out

Cliff Harris has been making accurate predictions about farming and food trends for over 40 years. Ed Petrowski has been farming the fields of Pratt, Kansas for decades. I had both men on show this past Sunday night to present to the world a farmer’s perspective on what is happening with our food supply.

One of the more stunning trends that both men pointed out was the fact that over 15% of American farmers will leave the business this year because of extreme government intrusion. They both said that there will be an extreme food shortage as a result. In fact, they both said there would be a food crisis in the United States anyway. And as Cliff Harris, a climatologist pointed out, there would be a food shortage anyway due to extreme weather changes.

This was an one hour interview, where I probably did not say 100 words. I wanted the listening public to listen to two prominent men in field of farming about what is really happening to the American food supply instead of reading the lies contained in various government reports.

Listen to this interview by clicking here[13].

What Does It All Mean?

The bottom line for what this means is that millions of Americans could starve to death without divine intervention. Are we a nation under judgment? It would seem so.

History clearly demonstrates that when a nation’s food supply is put in jeopardy, revolutions frequently arise. When several nations experience food vulnerability, wars can take place. Along these same lines, when  banker profits are threatened, bankers create wars. The combination of these factors could lead a reasonable person to assume that there is a false flag nature to the emerging global food crisis. Somebody wants to force the world to go to war over its most previous resource. There will be a part two to cover these eventualities. In the meantime, please consider the following statistic:

Yesterday, the Baltic Dry Index Dropped to An All-Time Low of 373. Virtually, nothing is moving in terms of global trade including food!



My Comment:  People should be stocking up at the least with canned milk, beans and rice, dehydrated food but lots of canned & dehydrated meat!  Common sense…even if you can only afford $10 a week in canned extra goods you should still be stocking up!

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