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We Are Change

It’s time to play the elites favorite Game again!
Suicide a whistle-blower/Investigator! First, lets remember the suspicious banker deaths, where bankers died in mysterious ways, many of which from odd suicides in 2013-2016, including one banker shooting himself in the head with a nail gun, there is a larger history of MYSTERIOUSLY DEAD potential whistle-blowers or in case of scientist, doctors, and journalist people who could have made a change or difference in the world the smartest intellectual minds being silenced in the words of Christopher Story “deaths of journalist who expose the criminal activities of our political elite risk their lives.They are on the front line of freedom. When they are killed, it means very bad things are in store for us.”


“The “suicide” deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite risk their lives.They are on the front line of freedom. When they are killed, it means very bad things are in store for us.”
~Christopher Story

Well the plague is back, and its affecting Doctors, Scientist and Journalist now.
That’s right, so if you are a doctor, scientis, or journalist, don’t approach anyone in a weird trench coat standing in an alley way at night. Lock your doors and windows, and record a confession if you are researching something major, so the message gets heard.
Make sure to include the fact that you didn’t commit “suicide” voluntarily. Of course, even in the most famous case of
the murder of journalist Danny Casolaro, Danny even said to his family and friends. —

“If I turn up dead, it was foul play, I’m on the verge of a huge
break in this investigation.”
~Danny Casolaro said while investigating links between the Iran Contras, October Surprise, BCCI, and the PROMIS INSLAW Lawsuit.

Escape! Run far-far-away to a hidden location, or at least go on vacation!

Strap yourself in and hide yo kids and hide yo wives,
Cause the boogeymen gangs are coming to get you journalists and political vocalists! And your family better get a surveillance system, a bodyguard, and maybe stock up on some firearms for protection!
Think about investing in life insurance and be thankful, cause at least your lives aren’t trade secrets like the 90 wall st bankers that started dying between 2012-2016.

It was the banker plague that killed 90 bankers, a new neuro-virus, it is the only explanation that makes any sense in how so many bankers just started to suddenly commit suicide(and be murdered) so conveniently.
Maybe it was a psychological virus where they went insane, only affecting bankers? Or it was a suicide pact?
Oh but that psychological virus or suicide pact has now mutated and spread to scientists,
doctors and journalists alike. Lets not disregard a potential breakouts among lawyers, with Shawn Lucas being patient 0 in this surge of political exposure and cover-ups.

Lets be honest here folks, people are being murdered. Its simple(Occam’s razor), the most logical explanation is people don’t just drop dead in a string of suicides.
They require a catalyst and its something that has been happening for years.
If you get too close to something that someone does not want you to know…. you better look out.

Background information:

Back years ago, when the media told the truth NBC’s 20/20 investigated the SDI Scientist Deaths,. Yes, there was such a time, just after getting over Operation Mockingbird and the church hearings.
This was where Philip Graham, a reporter for the Washington post, and Senator Frank Church
testified to congress and the American people that the media was used by the CIA as a propaganda machine, against the interest of the American public. They also claimed the CIA did subliminal commercials/advertisement experiments on the population, as well as manipulated foreign media outlets against the US. They out right paid editors and journalists of major news outlets to produce propaganda.

If you are interested in the concept of subliminals, Melissa Dykes, who used to work for infowars, explores subliminal’s used in the 1960’s in a sign off video that used to play at the end of every tv show that had the National anthem in it.

Melissa Melton Subliminals in the 1960s:


For now we will briefly look at it because this is about the CIA’s influence on the media and the CIA’s admitted “Heart Attack Gun” used for secret assassinations, not the subliminals, but the subliminals do show us how the media can be used to manipulate and influence one’s thoughts and opinions. The reason for looking at the claims of a heart attack gun is the reasoning that if the CIA had the ability to kill someone without a trace using a dart back in the 1960’s , would you not think that technology is more advanced in 2016?

The CIA's Heart Attack Gun

Not to mention the now known facts: that motor vehicles including cars,trains and planes can be hacked….why? Because they are a computer, and anything with a computer and a microchip can probably be exploited and is vulnerable to being hacked. How? Air-gaping. Watch Vice’s How to Hack a Car. Even pace makers can be hacked, anything with a computer chip. A Hacker named Barnaby Jack was about to expose all this, then he turned up dead before a security conference. First, authorities wouldn’t release findings on what killed him. Then they claimed it was drugs. Sure, maybe he was a drug addict like his girl friend says, but my point is that there are many ways to kill a person and rule it a suicide, or “accidental tragedy”, which make it look legitimate when it’s actually murder. But none of that is needed when blatant homicides are ruled as suicide’s and not investigated by journalists who need to hold the government accountable and ask questions about suspicious deaths. And if anybody were to investigate and bring too many questions to light in this hypothetical, then they would probably commit suicide too.
Instead of ridiculing and labeling everything a crazy conspiracy theory, try doing your jobs? *Shout out to mainstream media*

Murder isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is actually a federal conviction that is classified as a conspiracy. a sophisticated plot seen in the courts eyes.
As in every case, there is a motive, so what’s the motive for the deaths of journalist, scientist, bankers and doctors?

Are they some how all connected? Probably not, it’s highly unlikely and a bit ludicrous that these are all connected, let alone that all these people were murdered. For the skeptic out there lets say a few of these deaths are legitimate and a few are suspicious. It doesn’t mean that the suspicious one’s should be ruled out because a few are actually suicides. That’s illogical and ignorant.
I write this to prove to the general public that assassinations are very real and they have been being carried out for years now.

IN the 1990’s NBC’s 20/20 did an investigative report about the dead Star war’s project scientist. Also known as the Star wars defense initiative, the project’s scientists were suspected to have worked on various classified projects.
Dozens of scientists were found dead in 1987 under the headline “Mysterious deaths”. The London times documented a total of 22 deaths.
“Since 1982, four other British defense scientist have been killed in unexplained car crashes.”


Consider for a moment the one thing that all these people share in common who met their demise.
They all share in common that they knew some type of important information.
A not so wild claim seeing as the CIA was involved in various unethical human experimentation instances, including the Tuskegee experiment where scientists knowingly ignored,instead of helping, black, African American men with syphilis in Alabama by not giving them penicillin.

For the Tuskegee experiment, President Bill Clinton even had to apologize for. Further information on
the unethical experiments the CIA was involved in can be seen in RT’s Documentary CIA Covert Experiments series, and another documentary entitled “CIA secret experiments.” Both document all the unethical experiments done on the American people for the past few decades under MKUltra and MKNaomi. So how would people be targeted and murdered? Well, there is the way of paying off mercenaries. Then there is a drug described as the devils breathe, scopolamine, that takes free will away from an individual and wipes the users memory. Such a drug could be used for assassinating targeted individuals deemed threats. In fact the CIA is documented to have done experiments with scoplamines for interrogation . Which, given the agency’s past history with MKUltra torture, and trying to create the perfect lone-wolf assassin (Project bluebird/Artichoke), anything is possible.

“What this committee learned I would like to review today with a little more detail than Dr. Fadren said because I think it must be engraved on our national memory. Thousands of government sponsored experiments did take place at hospitals, universities and military bases around our nation. The goal was to understand the effects of radiation exposure on the human body.

While most of tests were ethical by any standards, some were unethical, not only by today’s standards but by the standards in the time in which they were conducted. They fail both the test of our national values and the test of humanity. Informed consent means the doctor tells you the risk of the treatment you are about to undergo. In too many cases informed consent was withheld.

Americans were kept in the dark about the effects of what was being done to them. The deception extended beyond the test subjects themselves to encompass their families and the American people as a whole for these experiments were kept secret. And they were shrouded not for a compelling reason of national security but for the simple fear of embarrassment, and that was wrong.”
~President Bill Clinton said.


With all the information above in mind, it should be easier to look at some of the following suspicious cases involving doctors, bankers, scientists and journalists dying, and see the possibility of many being murdered.
The motive being they knew too much or were involved in black projects, and were therefore killed to cover up their involvement or to stop information from going public. We will start with the case of the now documented 50 doctors whom a few of them died on the same day or during the same week. Multiple Doctors Found stabbed, drowned, gun shots to the head, vanished, “heart attacks”, hit and runs. The reason for these murders isn’t clear but many of these deaths are catching up to the perpetrators as authorities are opening up criminal probes into these incidents and experts are speaking up. One case already, the case of MD Teresa Sievers,
has produced the arrests of two men, Curtis Wayne and Jimmy Rodgers, who calls himself “Hammer,” are supposedly involved in her murder.

The first case, and the one that started it all, the case of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet: a famous Autism researcher and doctor who was found in a river with bullet shot wounds to the chest. Review of the case sparks speculation that many of these doctors killed may have been investigating the GCMAF cell treatment he was heavily involved in.
Documents even show that his facility was raided by government agents prior to his death.
Also two doctors jogging, one in Canada the other in Minnesota were both found dead on the same day, Dr. Mark Ernsting and Dr. Christopher David Robert. Mark was found stabbed to death, while Christopher was found on the side of a road on i-94.
Another two doctors were even documented being attacked by a man with a machete, Jessica Colker was killed. Earlier that month, another woman Dr. Linnea Veinotte was killed in a hit and run. The strangest two cases of them all though are cases where both victims were found hung in the woods; Cheryl DeBoer was found with a plastic bag over her head, while another Dr. Professor Alan Clarke was found hanging in the woods in a rubber suit.

One things for sure, these doctors all appear to be Holistic doctors who hated Big Pharma or Doctors who were working on cancer research. Are any alarms going off yet?
Doctor, Nick Gonzalez MD. is even quoted saying “Big Pharma hated him and wanted him hit by a bus.” before he turned up dead.
So is Big Pharma contracting black-water assassination hit-jobs…what on earth is going on? The drug companies are the only ones who would benefit from such murders. It would take up too much time and space to type up every doctors name and their cause of suspicious death, so instead I have provided a link to all the deaths where you can read more
thoroughly into the other doctors causes of death and a timeline which includes more gun shot wounds, stabbings and multiple doctors killed on the same day or during the same week some have since happened as recent as May 2016. I encourage you, the viewer, to feed your curiosity if you are doubting the official stories. Click the link and explore the true facts, and the thus the truth of the matter. Send it to a friend and challenge him to look into it. The more that are aware of this, the more that speak out, the more whistle-blowers themselves will speak out and feel acknowledged by the public.

A Good Summary and Someone Who’s Followed All this From the Beginning Erin Elizabeth of HealthNutsNews.com:

Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 50 Dead on 1 Year Anniversary of Father’s Day


Here’s where things get crazy for me personally. I was following the influx of banker deaths since it hit 50 when suddenly, in
December of 2013, I received an email from a lawyer, stating that the banker murders many ruled as “suicides” that I was looking into, were happening in order to cover up several lawsuits that were on going through the Supreme Court in New York City against the major banks. I was provided with case #’s and told that everything was rigged in the stock market from Forex manipulation and commodities , to priceless metals like gold, silver, and oil . Some of these financial scandals came out in the media, but very few noticed it, being distracted by other things.

I then had the experience of my life one month later in January of 2014, when the undercarriage of my cars tires were sliced and the break-line was punctured. I ended up going 45-50 MPH and having my car’s front tires fly off, skidding to a halt on my rims.
Honestly THE scariest day of my life. It was that day that I learned how dangerous being an independent journalist really was. I was almost added to the long list of journalist who have been murdered for investigating and digging too deep.
All of this I stated in a pastebin that I released when the banker death count was at 77… that paste seemingly went viral.

Though, I wasn’t the only one talking about these banker deaths. Another person who goes by “V the Guerrilla Economist” was also speaking about these deaths, and even warned more were to come.

Another blog ,wallstonparade, was also following these mysterious deaths as bankers were dropping dead globally, and made the connection between three executives being under investigation for fraud and a Wallst Journal reporter David Bird found dead in a span of four days. The reporter, David Bird, was found to have accidentally drowned, after his investigation into OPEC. No seriously, I’m not making this up, look it up yourself if you want to reaffirm any doubts.

In another case a CNBC chief executive’s kids were found stabbed after he published a lawsuit known as the Trillion dollar lawsuit
not even 24 hours later. The post was then retracted and the story buried. The official narrative was that it was done by the nanny , but its a hell of a coincidence that  after the U.S’s largest historical lawsuit is published by a man, his kids turn up dead and then the story is deleted (which marketwatch also published and then deleted).

Seemingly, years later we have more proof that bankers and ceo’s were/are being murdered to cover up lawsuits. When two ex ceo’s were murdered before going on trial, the ChesapeakeEnergy CEO, Aubrey McClendon died in a car accident after being indicted . Another man,  Christophe de Margerie who was Total’s CEO, died in a freak plane accident with a drunk snow plough driver in Russia..which even the Russian Government found to be suspicious as four men were detained as suspects in his death.
Both were involved in the oil industry, and both were under investigation for fraud.

They aren’t the only ones under investigation, the DOJ opened an investigation into bid rigging.
That list investigating fraud has since expanded from gold, silver, commodities and the oil markets to the Treasury markets.

There are several more suspicious banker deaths, a fully-updated list can be found here.

The NYPost is now reporting these deaths, but only reporting 40 of them… regardless these “suicides” are catching up to the perpetrators. Heck, even the FBI is now calling for tips in a banker;s death, and is near in solving a contract hit case.


Perhaps the next is the creepiest, because of how many dead scientist there have been in the past decade. 125+  have been killed in various ways. Who would want scientist dead? Why? Could it be some research they were involved in that the government doesn’t want getting out? We will start with the mysterious crashing of MH17, which had 100 Scientists, including a world renown Aids Researcher Joep Lange, on board. In another case, Cambridge Professor Peter Wadhams claims that three scientist investigating the melting arctic ice may have been assassinated. Heck, even a NASA scientist ,Alberto Behar, who discovered water on mars was killed in a small plane crash. These are just a few examples of a full list of all the made-to-be-dead scientists over the past decade can be found documented by Steven Quayle at his website.


“The “suicide” deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite risk their lives.They are on the front line of freedom. When they are killed, it means very bad things are in store for us.”
~Christopher Story

Next we will talk about murdered journalists, something that should scare everyone. When your media is being silenced for reporting the truth and investigative reporting… that’s a problem to our freedom and us all. We already talked about a murdered Wall street journalist, reporter David Bird, earlier in the article. We will continue and go from the recent to the least recent starting first with the murder of a NY-time’s reporter Sarah Kershaw who reported on MKultra and was investigating MKUltra until she was found asphyxiated due to strangulation in her home in the Dominican Republic.

Our next case is a case of three journalists, all of which died in a period of 24 hours, and another one, who almost died.  Bob Hager, Ned Colt, Bob Simon and David Carr died all of various reasons. Yet they are related in the pattern of cover-ups. Ned colt was 58 and died suffering a stroke, okay nothing strange there. Bob Simon died in a car crash, Bob Hager also almost died in a car crash. David Carr had just finished interviewing Edward Snowden, then he collapsed in the Times newsroom. As quoted by an ex CIA agent, the CIA has wanted to find an untraceable substance that could cause heart attacks and strokes. And they practically have, something the average autopsy won’t report. It can be safe to assume that the autopsies of these victims were not given any special consideration.
Cars can also be hacked, these deaths may be falsely suspicious or a mere coincidence, but lets not stop there.

The case in Turkey of several murdered journalist. Turkey has a history of killing journalist, including a friend of mine’s daughter, Serena Shim, and BBC reporter Jacky Sutton.

Serena Shim was killed in a suspicious car crash days after being threatened by Turkish Intelligence for reporting on images of UN, World Food Organization, and other aid group convoy trucks smuggling ISIS fighters into Turkey that she had received. I recently did an interview with her family, you can learn more about Serena Shim here.

Jacky Sutton was another journalist, a former BBC journalist found hung in an airport in Istanbul, in which Turkish investigators even called her death “suspicious“.

There are many more cases of journalists mysteriously dying in turkey, but to save time we will only discuss these two prominent and noteworthy cases.

Next in line, we have the case of Michael Hastings ,an investigative reporter who I’ve been told was investigating the claims made by Lt. Scott Bennett regarding 19,000 Swiss bank accounts (UNCONFIRMED) funding terrorism overseas; another speculation is that Hastings was investigating CIA Director John O Brennan, before his untimely death from a car accident attributed to him speeding into a pole.

Although, to counter this claim, Michael Hasting’s friend had said his friend, he would never speed, and he drove like a grandma. So surely he would not speed to the point of coming to ends meet with a telephone pole, right? Hastings was previously threatened by a top U.S. Army brass for exposing General McChrystal, even being told that “He would be hunted down and killed.”


Hastings is another case like Danny Casolaro and Gary Webb, where both men were investigating something major and turned up dead before they could publish their investigations.It’s nothing new and won’t end with them. What IS new, is our ability as a collective society to use the internet to collaborate and spread information so these type of things will stop working. Who knows, maybe we will reach the point where a suspicious death of an important player during a corporate investigation will actually give the reason to further investigate, let alone give the company a bad reputation.

Danny Casolaro was investigating the connection between BCCI, October Surprise, Iran-contra, PROMIS and the Inslaw lawsuit until
he turned up dead in a bathtub with his wrists slit and his research pages from his book missing. He warned his family weeks prior to this that if he turned up dead, it wasn’t suicide.

Gary Webb was investigating the Iran-contra affair and the Arkansas drug connection. He was also looking into Pablo Escobar’s drug connection to the U.S. government. Webb was found with 2 shots to the head and his death was ruled a suicide. Really? And the Mainstream media didn’t blink an eye.


Michael Ruppert also wrote an investigative piece on Gary Webb’s Blatant Murder. Additionally Ruppert confronted CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking in 1996. He was also investigating 911 and claimed to have a bomb shell he was writing into his book, until the point where he shot up his kids and killed “himself” after a radio broadcast. But the media didn’t tout this case as a reason to abolish the second amendment, as it might reveal to the public some inner workings of the governmental power structure.

Lets take a peek into another case, where a perfectly sane man with an agenda to expose something ended up dead with his family. A film maker, David Crowley, was working on a movie exposing the fema camps and the New World Order called Grey State when he “killed himself his wife and his kids.”

There are ways more journalists have ended up assassinated. If you want to read more about this topic of dead journalists, I wrote a more detailed list before I began writing for We Are Change. It is Titled “Those Murdered For Speaking or Seeking The Truth” on my personal blog.

Even investigator Richard Charin, best known for his election exit poll analysis, says “something is going on here, with all these deaths”.
The Probability of Bankers, Doctors, Scientists, and Journalists all dying mysteriously or conveniently? Slim to none.

– Assuming 50,000 bank executives world-wide, approximately 22 unnatural deaths would be expected in a two year period. The probability of at least 75 unnatural deaths is P= 1 in 600,000 trillion.

– Assuming 100,000 bank executives, approximately 45 unnatural deaths would be expected in a two year period. The probability of at least 75 unnatural deaths is P = 1 in 40,000.

– Assuming 150,000 scientists, approximately 67 unnatural deaths would be expected in a two year period. The probability of at least 125 unnatural deaths is P = 1 in 4 billion.”

Dead men don’t speak and tell secrets after all..


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