Combining Multiple Childhood Vaccines Not Safe According to Medical Research Journalist

Posted: 21 Aug 2016 11:24 AM PDT

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According to medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller combining multiple childhood vaccines is not safe and can have various adverse side effects. Miller wrote in the summer issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons a widely respected medical journal.


“Although CDC recommends polio, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, rotavirus, Haemophilus influenzae type B, and pneumococcal vaccines for two-, four-, and six-month-old infants, this combination of eight vaccines administered during a single physician visit was never tested for safety in clinical trials,” Miller wrote. “This is at odds with a CDC report which found that mixed exposures to chemical substances and other stress factors, including prescribed pharmaceuticals, may produce ‘increased or unexpected deleterious health effects.’”
~Neil Z. Miller

Miller used the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to show the likelihood of hospitalization or death for an adverse reaction to multiple vaccines.
VAERS is used by the CDC and is considered an “important vaccine safety assessment tool the CDC regularly conducts its own studies using VAERS data” according to Miller.

Miller looked at the percent of reported reactions that involved hospitalization or death related to the number of vaccine doses an infant had received, and approximately what age the infant was given the doses of vaccines.

“Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines concurrently…are significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously It also showed that reported adverse effects were more likely to lead to hospitalization or death in younger infants.”
~Neil Z. Miller

In a previous article we looked at the movie VAXXXED and the factual information concerning the possibility that MMR vaccines can cause autism as well as the fact the Polio vaccine costed many people their lives when it was administered and gave thousands of people cancer. Dr. Andrew Wakefield who has been ridiculed for his own study on childhood vaccines and their safety had his study retracted from the Lancet medical journal. Will the Journal of American Physicians censor and retract Neil Z. Miller’s study too? Time will tell but what is for sure is when information on our children’s health and well being is suppressed any good parent who cares about the safety of their children should be outraged by this study and the study that Dr. William Thompson said the CDC committed fraud on.
These are our kids that the government are experimenting on we deserve to know what’s safe and what’s not, and not be in the dark.

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