Klayman: Giuliani is right and I had already filed a RICO complaint that was dismissed by a Clinton-appointed judge and is on appeal! See and

Giuliani: Clinton Foundation Warrants Indictment As ‘Racketeering Enterprise’

By Eric Mack
August 21, 2016
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told “Fox News Sunday” he would indict the Clinton Foundation as a “racketeering enterprise” if he “were back at my old job as U.S. Attorney.”

“This in an insider vs. outsider campaign,” Giuliani said Sunday of the presidential race between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. “She is the consummate corrupt Washington insider, and she is thoroughly corrupt with the Clinton Foundation.”

Giuliani has been stumping for presidential nominee Trump against Mrs. Clinton this summer and points to the actions of her foundation to be far more serious than merely unethical.

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