Supermodel says antidepressants made her a ‘sociopath’

The adverse effects of antidepressants continue to be disclosed by both physicians and patients alike. English fashion model Cara Delevingne recently told Britain’s Esquire magazine that antidepressants turned her into a “sociopath.”

Delevingne, who took the drugs for two years as a teenager, said she lost all feelings, and was “just numb” until she stopped taking them.

“I didn’t feel s**t. It was horrible. I was like a sociopath. When something was funny I would go, ‘Ha ha!’ just because other people laughed, but then I’d stop immediately because I wasn’t really very good at faking it.”

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My Comment:  That’s the real purpose of antidepressants is to create a society of SOCIOPATHS.  That way the criminals of Big Pharma Rockefellers & Rothschilds can create their Satanic paradise of murder, chaos, rape, etc. that they SO LUV!  This is SOCIAL ENGINEERING BY THE RULING ILLUMINATI CRIMINALS.

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