Either Mankind Creates a New Paradigm, — Or Mankind Is Doomed

The Brexit vote demonstrates the disconnect of the establishment with the population. Will we rise to create a New Paradigm for the future of mankind, or fail to seize this great moment? [flickr/linuxeomboy]

On the eve of the foreboding NATO summit in Poland on July 8-9, which could well prove to be the tripwire for global thermonuclear war, the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is also coming apart at the seams. The post-Brexit pound sterling has plunged to its lowest level in 30 years; a half dozen London real estate hedge funds allegedly “worth” $20 billion have terminated trading to stop panic withdrawals; and banks across Europe—not just in Italy—are facing imminent bankruptcy and are desperately demanding unlimited additional liquidity just to stay afloat.

The Bank of England, along with all the trans-Atlantic central banks, have hit the panic button and are announcing new ways they will pump an unending stream of worthless funds into the system, while loosening the terms on which banks can take on ever- larger trillions of derivatives exposure—the exact opposite of the Glass-Steagall solution that is required.

Lyndon LaRouche today slammed this insanity as a total “policy disaster, which will not lead to anything except the total bankruptcy of the entire British system.”

Politically, the entire European Union and its institutions are crumbling. The Establishment is totally clueless, and out of touch with the reality that their own policies have unleashed, of looming thermonuclear war, rampant Satanic terrorism, and economic meltdown—and of the growing hatred and rage of the victimized population towards that Establishment. The same process characterizes the United States under Obama.

It should be apparent that the continuation of these policies for any length of time will lead to a total catastrophe for mankind. We either bring about the common aims of mankind and create a New Paradigm, or mankind is doomed, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed today. That was the central message of our June 25-26 Schiller Institute conference in Berlin, and it is the outlook which must imbue every aspect of our activity, every discussion we have in every part of the planet. There is no solution for any part, without a solution for the whole—unity precedes diversity, whether the British Empire cares to accept that universal principle or not.

If people think otherwise, that Man is essentially a beast who looks after his own hide first and foremost; and if they act—or fail to act—on that basis, then we are looking at the end of civilization. A new way of thinking, a new image of creative man, a New Paradigm is the only option.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche posed the issue at a Washington, D.C. press conference held today by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and the National Institute of South China Sea Studies:

There are many military experts internationally who are warning that the situation today is more dangerous than at the height of the Cold War. Furthermore, we are about to experience another financial crash worse than 2008. I think the terrorist activities, especially of the last two weeks, in Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and European countries clearly show that terrorism is out of control. And actually with the Brexit, the European Union is in a process of disintegration, very dramatically.“So my question is: Can Mankind not rise to a higher level of cooperation and go for a New Paradigm where geopolitics is overcome and replaced by the commons aims of mankind? I mean, the world is in dire need for the United States and China to work together, because I think without the two countries joining hands, the world is in trouble. So the question is: Can the world move to a New Paradigm of peaceful cooperation for the future tasks of all of humanity?

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