DARK Act update, rule of law, and more…
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A quick update: The DARK Act (the Whole Foods – Monsanto GMO anti-labeling bill) passed a procedural vote in the Senate yesterday. This bill is moving swiftly through Congress and may become law.

If it does, it will¬†deny you the right to know what you’re buying and eating. Two of the biggest supporters of this bill are Monsanto and Whole Foods, which has been repeatedly caught blatantly lying about its support for this deceptive law.

Meanwhile, FBI head James Comey’s actions have now asserted the following astonishing claim: You are no longer under any moral of ethical obligation to abide by any federal law whatsoever. He has, in fact,¬†vacated the fabric of law across America¬†and turned the republic into a lawless regime run by despots.

Click here for my full article revealing this.

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