Hillary Clinton (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) Criminal!

  1.  classified information sent on emails
  2. classified information on emails sent on multiple emails
  3.  thousands of work related emails not returned to her office
  4. found traces of work related emails removed electronically from email system
  5. Clinton’s lawyers did not read her email contents
  6. Clinton lied about all of the above
  7. These false statements should be used for her prosecution per FBI James Comey
  8. Her concealment & destruction of these emails shows the pervasiveness of this scheme and would be under INTENT to deceive and this includes missing calendar/burn bag.

My Comment:  Hillary Clinton is a Zionist.  Zionists own Congress & our President.  Conclusion:  She gets away with all of her crimes because she represents Zionists who have iron clad control now of the USA.

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