Deutschebank Must Return to the Policies of Herrhausen

Lyndon LaRouche is calling for Deutschebank and other banks critical to the German economy to be saved, despite their obvious mistakes in participating in the speculative system. In turn, these banks must be reorganized and return to the industrial banking policies of the assassinated former President of Deutschebank, Alfred Herrhausen — pumping credit into capital intensive development projects. Germany, as opposed to western countries generally, still has a modern manufacturing base which could be utilized immediately in joint development projects in Eurasia and the Middle East with Russia and China.

Shortly before he was assassinated in 1989, Herrhausen had written a speech which echoed LaRouche in calling for the use of Germany’s manufacturing base to secure the industrial development of Poland as well as cancelling or writing down third world debt.  He was assassinated by the French and the British before he could develop these proposals which were a direct threat to the looters still running the transatlantic system to this very day.

There is already substantial and growing opposition in Germany to the war push against Russia and China by NATO.  If Germany were to be broken away from the current British/Obama led war drive, that drive would be substantially defeated.  A working model for real economic development based on cooperation between Russia, China, and the West would be up and functioning – a model to be emulated by the United States.  If, however, the continued collapse of the transatlantic system is allowed to proceed, world war, a war of nuclear annihilation, is virtually guaranteed, LaRouche said.

There is a huge amount of political noise and chaos now in the U.S.  Will we continue to be distracted by it, or, can we stop the noise and put our minds on the higher level demanded by this crisis?  World War has emanated twice already in this century from a financially collapsed and chaotic Europe, controlled by the imperial fantasies of the failed British and American elites.

The LaRouches are in Europe right now, fighting to make this initiative a reality.  Support in the United States for this proposal would be a game-changer.

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Thank you, Editorial Team

Friday, July 14 2016
8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

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