April 14, 2016Previously, I wrote an announcement article to tell everyone to watch Keshe Foundation’s 106th Knowledge Seekers Workshop (KSW) which was held on March 24, 2016. This particular KSW is below and was the workshop Mr. Keshe chose to declare a change point for humanity and disclose new information and technologies that everyone can use to free themselves from dependence on religion and pharmaceuticals, how to create clean air coming out of your vehicle, how to easily purify contaminated water that is deemed hazardous to human health, how to neutralize viruses and radioactive materials in your body caused from natural disasters, and much, much more.

Links to the Full recording of the 106th KSW is here.  I recommend to watch in in totality.  4.5 hours.

Keshe Foundation Official Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTGbId–LJE

My YouTube page link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TrkMcTU–g


Previous recordings of ALL KSW workshops and public teachings:



Time frame of 106th KSW: 4 hours 25 minutes.

Major topics covered were:


·        Declaration to an end of all religions, world-wide.

·        How to clean dirty, bacteria laden, polluted water.

·        How to clean the air pollution from smoke stacks and automobile exhaust pipes.

·        How to remove radioactive contamination and viruses from your body.

·        And more…

Watch full recording from link above for more info.


Summarized notes:

[Beginning to about 50 minutes]

A declaration of an end to all religions in all races across the planet. We no longer need these religious leaders nor the structures. All religions create differences in the human race. These differences are the used to create hatred and wars against each other. We need to use our energies and monies we are using to feed religions, leaders, and their buildings; and refocus them to give/use those energies and monies to develop these new technologies of peace that are going to help everyone.

This declaration is very powerful and everyone needs to hear what Mr. Keshe is talking about. Here are some detailed notes that I took.

·        Up to today space opens up to families. we have that option. We can take our families with us into space.  Our future is bright.

·        We have a chance to change. no worries about food, or if energy is there, or if diseases will hurt us [on Earth or] in space. All can be handled. We have learned how to do these things.

·        What has happened in the past is over. We are going to clean up together.

·        Blame is always against religions. Muslims against Jews against Christians etc.

·        Why do these bombings happen?

·        Has human race grown since distant past? Or have we just created a more sophisticated way of killing each other?

·        We are big pot of ONE race.

·        are we going to change before going to space? have to do this.  problems have to be solved here first.

·        are people who are already there

·        The conversion to becoming a space person, some are doing now.

·        In space only one path [of peace].  why are we fighting?

·        If you do wrong in space, you will see what happens.

·        Fighting [wars] is financed by the Christians and supported by the Jews

·        They have already destroyed thousands of years of history in Iraq and Syria and the cause is under name of God.

·        Those who call themselves Jews, or chief rabbi, we have taken that position away.

·        Jews lowered at one point to be level to Christians.

·        Chief of Israel; we are finished with state of Israel.

·        We claim [the people who signed the world peace treaty and who are behind the Keshe Foundation doing the work] We claim that we are the messiah and return of Christ, and return of Allah.  [so that peace can now begin]

·        State of Vatican also, we are finished with it.

·        Same for Islam.  We claim Allah has come.

·        We can’t have heads of religions any more.

·        The state of Palestine does not exist.

·        As of today [March 24, 2016] no religion state is to be used for any [reason to] fight.

·        All are together now for peace on this planet.

·        You choose when you want to leave? we claim you have already left.

·        join peace today.

·        We all have become Messiahs. [all humans]

·        Now, millions support Keshe foundation

·        We are already one race. [one planet, one nation, one race is the ethos of the foundation]

·        We [those with the Keshe Foundation] have already become color, race, [title] and nationality blind.

·        Keshe Foundation has a center in Belgium, Italy [Also Japan, China, Philippines and others] and [now] Dubai. We are faceless but powerful through spreading peace through technology.

·        No more Rabbi’s.  Same for Iran, Iraq, US, China, and all [religious leaders in all nations]

·        Religions are all done!!

·        If you stay the same, you are destroying yourself

·        We have now abolished the most possible way to create war.

·        Names and titles [priests and rabbi’s etc.] don’t matter anymore.

·        We are all the same. We have bullets of giving [not killing].

·        The lands of churches and mosks etc. will go back to the people for living.

·        The heart of god is in man in space

·        Is there a need for a holy land from which the most unholy things have come?”

·        We are part of the creator and are givers. we receive back what we need to live.


·        Love is the same, no matter the religion or race.

·        Those who have created the [religious] differences, to benefit from these differences, your time has come to an end.

·        Future goal: create an educational institution to teach about the true creator and who we really are.

·        Give from your soul only [directly] to those who need it.

·        When we support the churches we enable them to continue

·        [church leaders] they need to be elevated to be equal to us.

·        When you pray, give to the soul of humanity and every creature on the planet and in the universe.

·        In space there is no mosk or church, we can’t bring you back to go to church.

·        There is no agriculture in space.

·        We give from our soul and we receive what we need [for life sustenance].

·        We are all equal without punishment.

·        If we punish people [according to the rules of each of our various religions] no one will be left.

·        Better become ONE, here [on Earth] before we go out into space.

·        Why do we spend billions of dollars to hate each other?

·        Whites are too busy gathering gold.

·        We are all equal. Let’s see how we can give more.


[About 50 minutes to 1hr 27 min]

How to clean contaminated and polluted water. [this water is analogous to pollution from natural disaster] The Keshe foundation in Ghana Africa explains about water taken from the Brim river, [most contaminated river in Ghana] is sampled and lab tested for all kinds of contaminants E.coli bacteria.  Using only the copper oxide GANS directly into the water and letting the mixture sit and settle for a period of time, neutralized the pollutants and cleared up the brownish water to clear.  Preliminary Lab test results were shown but final ones will not be available until March 29, in the 11th International KSW. It was also discussed how CO2 GANS can greatly clean these water samples too but the copper oxide GANS works better with extreme wide range of pollution.


[About 1hr 27 minutes to 2hrs 10 min]

A new device that a few spaceship university students have created and are testing: scrubbers with CO2 GANS in it for smoke stacks and exhaust pipes.   The exhaust is piped or [captured by a scrubber type device] and run directly into the liquid CO2 GANS. The GANS then captures and neutralizes all pollutants, including heavy metals and contaminants, and what comes out is clean steam [water vapor].

Also for autos, another device is being tested in the air cleaner to chance the state of air going into the engine for better performance and cleaner emissions. Also CO2 GANS was talked about in putting tiny amount in gasoline for better mileage and cleaner emissions.

Video showing how an older manual shift car was idling and engaged in first gear was driving UP a hill without any application to the accelerator.  Engine just automatically had more power and the engine did not stall.  Emission tests results shown on a 7-year-old car that only had an Automobile MagGrav unit on it for a year. Emissions were very low.


[About 2hrs 10 min to 3 hrs 47 min]

Report from Japan Keshe foundation on status of Fukushima cleanup and application of CO2 GANS to clean up radiation contamination in the body, in water and in the areas around Fukushima power plant.  Quite revealing of what is going on and what TEPCO is doing [now finally since 2015] to clean up the area, but they are not releasing the technology to the Japanese people living in the area who are still sick and suffering.

CO2 GANS heavily discussed about in tests that TEPCO did on lab mice. Had 6 groups of mice with various conditions.  Watch the video to see the discussions and learn how the mice that were infected with influenza and drinking radioactive water were treated with CO2 GANS and all lived, showing that CO2 GANS [water] when consumed eliminated viruses and neutralized radiation.

“Radiation kills by damaging and rapidly dividing cells. These cells include blood, GI tract, reproductive and hair cells, and harms their DNA and RNA of surviving cells.

But the test showed that oral supplementation of CO2 GANS [water] helps strengthen immune response, enabled to recover from radiation poisoning and viruses.

The CO2 GANS can help protect people who are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation in the wake of nuclear disasters, such as the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Diachi plant as well as people suffering from virucidical diseases.”

A bottle of CO2 GANS liquid gels dietary supplement was shown along with another eye dropper bottle of liquid CO2 GANS.  Manufacturing of this CO2 GANS supplement will start immediately in Japan and Germany.

Summary of the summary of this section:  CO2 GANS has been proven by TEPCO to be completely safe for human consumption in minute amounts. [CO2 GANS water is better to consume] CO2 GANS in a liquid form can neutralize known viruses and radiation in the body.  [perhaps even autoimmune viruses.]

[About 3 hrs 47 min to end]

Many various topics and revisiting of previous ones. Listen to find out.

Agriculture topic was not discussed in this session but in other KSW’s here is some data that you can experiment with:

How to take any GMO seed and reverse the GMO process returning GMO seeds and hybrid seeds back to their original heirloom genetic structure.

I was told that this can be easily done by soaking the seeds directly in the liquid CO2 GANS for 5-10 minutes and then taking them out and planting them. This restructures them back to their original DNA/RNA code of what they were like in their beginnings hundreds or even thousands of years ago before man messed with their genetic structure.  CO2 GANS water can also be sprayed on the leaves of plants periodically for a super growth kick, better than miracle grow.  It would be interesting to experiment with this and see what kind of plants can be truly grown; perhaps also using the CO2 GANS water in the dirt too.  This alone, revolutionizes the agriculture world. I’ve heard of people experimenting with this and getting multiple times the amount of crop of what the plant would normally produce and all within a much shorter period of time from seed to bearable fruit than normal.

Chemtrail sediment that gets on the plants from rain or air can be washed off in the same manner by using CO2 GANS water and spraying them with it.  If a garden, a bigger sprayer could be used filled with CO2 GANS water.  This would quickly neutralize the effects of any Chemtrail residue.  And for farmers, use CO2 GANS water in the big field sprayers instead of herbicides and pesticides.

There are Kits you can buy to make CO2 GANS yourself.  I recommend to learn as much as you can about it, what it is, how it’s made, and how it works in the body and on living things before making it.



I hope this report was informative for all of you. Again please watch the full video for more information.  I probably won’t be doing this each week as it is very, very time consuming.



Flint M.


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