Petitioning Walmart

No products made with child labor

Nestle has had a case filed against it for allowing the use of child slavery in the making of its products. Many of the African farms that supply Nestle with its cacao use child slaves as laborers.  Some of America’s favorite candy bars like Kit Kats, Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger could quite possibly be produced using forced child labor.

Three plaintiffs —  former child slaves from Mali — originally filed suit against the food giant in 2005. They claim they were forced to carry 100-pound bags of cocoa,  were exposed to dangerous working conditions and forced to work between 12 and 14 hours a day upwards of six days a week with no pay and little food.

We abhor the idea that we could be eating “slave chocolate.” We want to make sure Nestle knows we don’t approve, and that’s why we are asking Walmart, one of Nestle’s largest buyers, to refuse to purchase any more Nestle brand chocolate products until it has proven that it has completely ended the use of forced labor on the Ivory Coast farms that supply its cacao.

The Fair Labor Association found evidence of forced child labor as recently as 2013, noting that at least 7% of farms visited found child workers with evidence of some child forced labor. This goes against Nestle’s own code of conduct, and it is time for us to hold it accountable.

Nestle is one of the world’s largest companies, having earned more than $15 billion just last year. We do not believe it doesn’t have the resources to ensure that its providers don’t abuse their employees or use child labor. All workers, especially the most vulnerable workers in the third world, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Let’s make sure Nestle feels this where it hurts most, by hitting it in the pocket book.  Join us in asking Walmart to make an ethical and smart decision, and refuse to sell any more Nestle brand chocolates until its suppliers are slave-free.

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