Little After 10 Minutes: Welcome to Sweden..Number 1 Rape Country in Europe

My Comment:  As he states political correctness leads to Racism because Political Correctness is a political maneuver to prevent society from addressing the very real problems of violent crime from violent criminals:  rapes, stabbing, murders.  Why is the Swedish government allowing this????  Is it because they are controlled by the illuminati criminals????   I feel sad for the migrants too risking their lives & families living in freezing subzero weather at a theme park where they will be forced to move after six months…missing their homeland and families.  Thank you President O’Bama and Hillary Clinton for creating this holocaust you bastards!  Hillary Clinton & Barack O’Bama are illuminati puppets and do as they are told.  Local media’s 90% of the time are simply Illuminati Press. Political Correctness IS an illuminati Social Engineering creation and any nation adhering to Political Correctness is illuminati controlled.  The illuminati use Political Correctness to foster hatred and divisiveness because they want Political Correctness to lead to a Civil War.  This will serve their purposes as people divided will not unite against their real enemy-the illuminati!

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