‘Thousands of unaccompanied children and teenagers have reportedly disappeared in Germany over the past year amid concerns that they might have fallen into the hands of criminals and human smugglers.

The German news organization Funke Mediengruppe reported on Monday that 5,835 refugee minors from countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia went missing in the Western European country in 2015, of whom 555 are under the age of 14.

The majority of the missing and unaccompanied minors were from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, Morocco and Algeria.’

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My Comment:  Many of these children will be trafficked for prostitution, body parts organ trafficking, snuff films and murdered by the ELITE CRIMINALS who rule the world all with our acquiesance.  For anyone who doesn’t believe me see these sites:  murderby decree.com, davidicke.com/child abuse & Satanism, itccs.org and Satanic Ritual Abuse.