Legal Psychedelics Could End The Antidepressant Industry


It is no surprise that the corporate, pharmaceutical industry is obsessed with profit. Shoveling selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) into the mouths of people suffering from depression on a daily basis is one of the most lucrative things they can do. If you can get a person hooked on your drug for life, that’s a lot of profit, and, so, that is what they have been doing.

Money, sickeningly, still speaks. In a world of abundance and technologies like vertical gardens, ever increasingly cheap solar energy and 3D-printable houses, we should be well on our way to supplying every human with food, water, clothing and shelter as a basic human right, though in order to wake people up and make this happen, they’ll need to get off the zombie-drugs.

Enter: psychedelic medicine. It’s not something you get hooked on. It’s not even something you take often, but people constantly report a single or double use changing their lives, many of which are able to kick anti-depressants after the prolific experience that accompanies it.

So, why are they illegal? Well, if everyone had an awakening while using psilocyben or LSD in a controlled setting, faced their fears and overcame their demons, there would be no need for anti-depressants, and corporations that profit from pill pushing know this. They send their money to corrupt US officials that keep them scheduled as a dangerous and illegal substance even though there is immense (and continuing) evidence for their blossoming healing power.

In this excerpt from the Joe Rogan Experience, Dennis McKenna explains the corruption that is keeping people from seeing the light that is psychoactive and psychedelic drugs as medicine.

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