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C. J. Ford

Anaheim, CA

Apr 7, 2016 — Elizabeth Clair, the wife of Kenneth Clair is requesting that the supporters right support letters to Judge Thomas Goethals regarding the fate of her husband.

The support letters should come from your heart to address issues such as:

Request to have Kenneth Clair exonerated, a request for retrial, a request to have the identity of the DNA evidence given to Mr. Clair’s next attorney, unfair and unethical practices by the district attorney’s office to convict Kenneth Clair in the first place, and having no real evidence to keep him imprisoned, or a request to have all of these issues sent back to the Ninth Circuit Court.

As supporters, you know the reasons why you would want to address the court and the judge on this issue. You do not have to use any of the suggestions above, but I am requesting that these letters not contain profanity, be negativistic, or in any way to insult the judge. Our goal is to show support and unity among Mr. Clair’s support group.

Please send the letters to:
Superior Court California
Central Justice Center
700 Civic Center Dr. West
Department C-45 Judge Thomas Goethals

In lower left corner:
Case Number C-57572
State vs Kenneth Clair

Please write these letters requested by Elizabeth Clair. If you make an extra copy please send it to me at 211 S. State College Blvd., #343, Anaheim CA. 92806. I will make sure that Elizabeth Clair gets these letters. If the letters are short, you can also post the letter that you sent on the update to share with everyone.

Please share the petition with others to sign, and if you want to donate go to:

I have been getting feedback that my YouTube video is hard to find on the link that was provided several updates ago. I am updating the link below in case you couldn’t find it and wanted to view it.

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