My Comment:  Shows how the Zionist Khazarian war mob has taken over America and highjacked Christianity with their BOLD LIES.  What happened to the Jews in WWII is BECAUSE of the ROTHSCHILD KHAZARIAN MAFIA who FUNDED BOTH sides of WWII!  Our entire government in the United States has been taken over by the Khazarian Zionists including Presidents and Congress…they have made the US a welfare country and NATO warmonger exactly as planned.  Here are the Protocols below:

The Protocols Of Zion—-

use bribery, threats & blackmail to get our way

place our agents everywhere

take control of the media and use it for propaganda

use Freemason lodges to attract public officials (Trump is a Freemason)

appeal to successful people’s ego (Trump)

appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail

replace royal rule with socialism, then communism and despot rule

control education to spread deception & destroy intellect

abolish all rights & freedoms except for force by us (RKM & Zionists)

take possession of all property, wealth & especially GOLD

rewrite History to our (Zionist) benefit

create entertaining distractions (reality TV)

Use gold to manipulate markets, cause depressions, etc.

keep the masses in perpetual labor & poverty

introduce a progressive tax on wealth

give bad advice to governments & everyone else

make long term interest bearing loans to governments

replace sound investment with speculation

encourage people to spy on one another

My Comment:  Note how she mentions Anti Defamation League is a creation of British Intelligence and who controls them????  the British Monarchy-the Saxon-Coburg-Gotha imposters sitting on the British throne.  Their last goal is to make the GOYIM (us) angry enough to be sure we will be happy to have them take over.  At this point they will impose cruel and ruthless austerity to make sure we DIE so they can rule forever without opposition.  Here is a picture of Queen Elizabeth holding a black snake symbolic of dark magic: 

Zionist Khazarian Mafia are truly the people of the Serpant and they control America!




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