Nuland’s Cookies For Communism: Nuland’s Face of Evil

My Comment:  Her cookies to appear benign mask a communistic attempt and successful coup to take over the freedom desiring Ukraine with IMF banking (killer austerity and IMF gets all of Ukraines oil & gas and real assets giving proceeds to filthy rich globalists).  The real beneficiaries of Nuland are Exxon and Chevron, Mobil, etc.  This is a corporate takeover and Ukrainians are now living in dire poverty and with a Fascist/Communist/Nazi government they NEVER wanted.  Heating bills are way higher and the standard of living is now way lower.  You can hear about what’s now going on in Ukraine in above webcast from Thursday, Feb 18 of Larouchepac at about 1:10 (one hour, 10 minutes) -a complete disaster!

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