More information on Demonic Illuminati Puppets & Their Toxic Effects

  1. Big Pharma to Blame for Rise of Deadly Superbugs
  2. Superbugs Are On The Rise, And So Is The Sale Of Antibiotics For Livestock
  3. Deadly dose: US labs close after mishandling highly infectious pathogens
  4. 150 Food Companies, Restaurants, Hospitals, And Drug Companies To Phase Out Antibiotics
  5. The White House announces a five-year plan to fight drug-resistant superbugs
  6. Rate of deadly, drug-resistant superbug infections at U.S. hospitals surges
  7. This little-known fruit from Mexico could be the key to destroying deadly, drug-resistant superbugs
  8. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are now airborne, thanks to CAFO factory farms
  9. Food and Drug Administration to curb antibiotic use in livestock
  10. American food supply in slow collapse as government continues to subsidize junk food, ignore immigration crisis
  11. Killing the Food Supply: The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food
  12. Antibiotic resistance rise continues
  13. Chemical food companies secretly funneling money to keep trans fats in U.S. food supply
  14. Beef thefts on the rise nationwide as record-high prices disrupt Americans’ food supply
  15. Continued antibiotic overuse could cause superbug epidemic that threatens humanity’s existence

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