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‘While publicly condemning a scant portion of the human rights violations routinely committed by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. government has secretly been colluding with the brutal regime, which is currently funding the CIA’s covert operations in Syria. Instead of answering to the American people, the CIA has become the Saudi government’s obedient lapdog after accepting massive bribes for over three decades with total impunity.

According to a recent New York Times investigation, President Obama covertly authorized the CIA to begin arming the Syrian rebels in 2013, with funding and weapons from Saudi Arabia and a few other countries. Code-named Timber Sycamore, the clandestine operation initially authorized the CIA to provide nonlethal assistance and training to the rebels but not weapons.

A few months later, the president amended the parameters by allowing the CIA to arm the rebels and deliver lethal assistance while receiving funding and weapons from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, the General Intelligence Directorate, including TOW anti-tank missiles and AK-47 assault rifles.’

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