Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight For Justice

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By Been there. A lot. on January 6, 2011

Format: Hardcover

Gotopinions, your response kinda gives you away: you are one of the people involved in booting her out! Only one of them would actually be dumb enough to still call her a liar!
Hell, you might as well go ahead and call the Tribunal that heard her case a bunch of liars! Explain to me: why was the appeal dropped? I bet because DynCorp didn’t wanna have the pot stirred any more then it already was.
I’ve been deployed a lot: people are getting called in to fix errors in their time sheets all the time! Nobody gets fired over that.
Except the woman who `coincidently’ also blew the whistle… THAT, we can’t have…!

It was about time that someone opened up this sh.. pit! Don’t get me wrong: there is a whole lot of good people working for these contractors, but man, accountability when someone seriously screws up (as in: involved in real criminal activities!!) is far fetched! They might get sent home, yes. They might get fired, yes. But I have yet to hear of a case where people like that actually get prosecuted and sentenced for crimes committed abroad while working as a contractor. THAT, Ladies and Gentleman, is the real underlying problem!
Gotopinions, open your eyes and go home, before you get caught…

I suggest making this book mandatory reading for all of Capitol Hill, both sides of the aisle, and FIX IT!

My Comment: ┬áThis child prostitution ring was used by the higher ups in NATO and the UN and involved children as young as ten…perpetrators ALL got away with these crimes…not One was prosecuted…only one punished was Kathryn Bolkovac, Whistleblower.

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