Notice to Readers of this Blog

The Charities of Credo Mobile Include:

ACLU which is on record defending the “civil rights” of two admitted child killers who murdered a 10 year old boy (Curly) during an attempted rape and another of their “charities” is a eugenics front named Planned Parenthood recently revealed to be murdering fetuses and selling their body parts in a Satanic style body parts trafficking operation. I believe millions of mobile phone users are being tricked into supporting these “charities” when these two “charities” are really part of the Satanic Depopulation Agenda and legalize child rape & murder.  I hope you, my reader, will make this very public and tell others.  Boycott Credo Mobile and their ACLU supporting child rapists/killers funded by the nefarious George Soros, convicted felon and known Ninth Circle member.  He also supports Communism via his NGO’s.  ACLU has never supported the rights of these children damaged by these notorious criminal pedophiles. 

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