Vignette From Kevin Annett’s Upcoming Book: UNRELENTING!

This story is the most horrendous I have ever known with only one exception:  Cannibalism,  Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism where author K. Barker describes sexual sadists cutting off the flesh of their victim and cooking it in front of them, and eating the flesh gradually torturing these victims to death.  We have a serious problem here.  These killers run loose and unchecked all over Western Europe, Canada and the United States protected by their money, connections and social rank.  The children in the Canadian Residential Schools (actually run by Satanists pretending to be “Christians”) were starved, beaten, raped and tortured to death.  There is something seriously wrong with ANY society that would allow this to go on.   Thank you Kevin Annett for your unparalleled dedication to these residential school internment camps and torture victims…the ONLY voice they have ever had has been yours!

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